Review: Crimson Hero Vol 14 by Mitsuba Takanashi

Title: Crimson Hero Vol 14

Author: Mitsuba Takanashi

Publisher: Viz

ISBN: 978-1421532301


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

In an attempt to stop the vicious rumors spreading at Crimson Field High School, Nobara ended her relationship with the boys’ team captain Yushin. But when she runs into Haibuki, a talented boys’ team player who mysteriously left school when he found out about Nobara and Yushin’s romance, Yushin is the first person she calls. Can Nobara and Yushin convince their heartbroken teammate to return to Crimson Field?


Lots of conflict resolution in this volume of Crimson Hero, and I enjoyed every melodramatic moment of it.  The focus this time around is on Haibuki and his efforts to repair all of his damaged relationships.  Instead of dealing with the difficulties between himself and Nobara and between him and Yushin, he’s ready to throw away his spot on the Crimson Field team and run away from his problems.  He’s been scouted by a stronger team, and the coach has promised to built a strategy with Haibuki as the key player.  Though they are almost guaranteed a shot at winning the National Championship, there’s something missing.  All of these great players lack heart, and victory seems to come a little too easily for them.

When Yushin shows up to convince Haibuki to return to Crimson Field, he has to show his estranged friend just how badly he wants him back on the team.  One of the aspects of sports manga that I enjoy the most is the determination the characters show in the face of defeat.  They refuse to give up, even when the odds are stacked so high against them.  They have this incredible persistence and belief in themselves that doesn’t allow them to quit.  I wish I had half of their drive and optimism, because then there would be little that I couldn’t accomplish.

Haibuki and Nobara come to an understanding as well, which leaves me hopeful that there is room in the next volume for Nobara and Yushin to repair their troubled relationship.  It bothers me that Yushin just let her walk away, and I thought he would at least try to talk some sense into her.  They have been through so much together, and it is a shame that they are willing to just give up on each other.  Hopefully, there will be some advancement in their relationship in the next volume of Crimson Hero.

Grade: A-

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