Review: The Quest of the Warrior Sheep by Christine & Christopher Russell


Title: The Quest of the Warrior Sheep

Author: Christine & Christopher Russell

Publisher:  Sourcebooks

ISBN: 978-1402255113


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

When Sal the sheep is bonked on the head by an unidentified falling object, it can only mean one thing: Lord Aries, the Sheep of all Sheepdom is in trouble, and the sheep posse must save him.

Little do the sheep know that the mysterious object is actually a cell phone dropped by a couple of baaaaad bank robbers who will do anything to get it back. And a couple of woolbags aren’t going to stand in their way!

And so the quest of the Warrior Sheep begins.

The bravest sheep in the universe are in for a wild ride!


Who knew a little flock of sheep could lead a duo of bungling thieves on a merry chase around England?  It helped that both of humans have an IQ slightly lower than a sheep’s.  This silly story kept me laughing as I wondered just how the sheep were going to escape from the criminals and save the day.

When a cell phone falls from the sky and hits Sal on the head, she thinks it’s a sign from the god of sheep, Aries. She thinks that he’s in danger, waging battle against Lambad, his eternal rival.  She convinces the rest of her little flock of exotic breed sheep that they have a part to play in an ancient prophecy, and if they don’t, dire consequences are sure to follow. 

So, what happens when a flock of sheep set out to save the world? Complete chaos.  What the intrepid flock doesn’t know is that the phone has been used to commit a crime, and the men who dropped it will do anything to get it back.  The sheep have their work cut out for them, as they try to stay one step ahead of the villains and help Aries in his fight against Lambad!

From the first “Ohmygrass!” I was hooked on The Quest of the Warrior Sheep.  From the moment our hoofed protagonists leave the comfort and safety of their little pasture, they unleash a comedy of errors that leads all of their pursuers on a wild goose chase.  From neighbor Tony, who is obsessed with aliens  and is certain that the sheep have been abducted by alien invaders, to Tod and Gran, who love their sheep and just want them back home safe and sound, I was hard pressed to decide who was smarter – the humans or the sheep. 

This fun MG read keeps the excitement, and the laughs, in overdrive.  Fighting against their natural instincts to just stand around and eat grass, the sheep muster up every ounce of bravery to return the “Baaton” to Aries so he can defeat Lambad once and for all.  Little do they suspect that their jaunt around the countryside will involve a train ride, thieves, a truckload of manure, and even a secret government installation.  Cute and humorous, I was delighted to learn that the sheep are going to have another adventure soon.  Perhaps they will even be able to eat one of their favorite treats – cauliflower.

Grade: B+

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