Review: Summoner Girl Vol 1 by Hiroshi Kubota


Title: Summoner Girl Vol 1

Author: Hiroshi Kubota

Publisher: Tokyopop

ISBN: 978-1427815682


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

A young summoner, Hibiki, wants to become the world’s most powerful summoner. In order to do so, she must travel to Earth and collect a set of powerful jewels. But along the way, she meets a strange young man, Sanjo, and discovers that she has a rival in her pursuit…


I was pleasantly surprised with this fantasy romp, featuring a very capable young Exorcist and the five elemental spirits she uses to battle dangerous spirits.  Hibiki has been given a formidable task by her stern grandmother to collect the six Rikutou, powerful magical jewels that will determine the next leader of the Exorcist Underground.  When gathered together, they will also cause a terrible calamity to occur if they are ever united.  This doesn’t sound like a very good way to pick your next leader, but I guess they do things differently in the Exorcist  Underground.

Hibiki is a cheerful young girl with immense supernatural powers.  She journeys from chapter to chapter with her new friend Kenta, a boy with some magical abilities, and her elemental spirits.  Everything is fairly episodic, and each chapter has a monster of the week feel to it.  It’s the humor and diverse personalities that kept me turning the pages, because there really isn’t anything new presented in this series.  It takes a tried and true formula, adds fun characters to it, and mixes in a few laughs.  It’s a light, breezy read.

Grade: B

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