Review: The Chihuahua Chase by A. E. Cannon


Title: The Chihuahua Chase

Author: A. E. Cannon

Illustrations: Julie Olson

Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux

ISBN: 9780374312596


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

When Teddy Krebs’s speedy if homely little dog goes missing right before the town Chihuahua races, fourth-grader Addie May Jones can’t resist Teddy’s plea for help. Soon she has two mysteries on her hands: Is there a dognapper on the loose? And why won’t Teddy stop making a pest of himself? Addie May turns detective to find the vanished pooch and at the same time discovers a bad case of puppy love.

I waited forever to read this book!  There is only one copy in the entire library network, and it had a gabillion holds on it.  I  just couldn’t resist the goofy looking Chihuahua trotting happily on the cover, so I added my name to the hold list.  Several months later…

The book appeared at the library!  This is a fast, fun read, with two likable protagonists.  Addie May can’t stand Teddy Krebs, because he throws dodge balls at her head during recess, leaves her nasty notes, and constantly makes fun of her.  When his ugly little dog goes missing before the Chihuahua races, Addie May is SHOCKED when Teddy asks her for help finding Phantom.  Teddy hates her, doesn’t he?

As the mystery deepens, Addie May learns that looks can be deceiving, and not everything is what it seems.  It seems that gorgeous Zack likes her, but does he really?  It seems that Teddy can’t stand her and lives to make her life miserable, but is that true?  It seems that Teddy’s grumpy neighbor may be responsible for Phantom’s disappearance, but did he dognap the little canine?

It’s a good thing Addie May wants to be a detective, because she is going to need all of her sleuthing skills to figure this mess out!  Addie May is one determined young lady. She is going to save Phantom, even though she can’t stand Teddy Krebs and wishes he would get sucked into a volcano.  The tenuous relationship between the two leads brought a smile to my face.  While it is obvious to everyone else that Teddy is just having a communication issue with Addie May, she wants to keep as much distance between them as possible.  Even while she’s helping him track down the missing Phantom, Teddy just can’t stop being mean and nasty to her.  Why is he so nice to everyone else?

With its rapid pacing and engaging characters, The Chihuahua Chase will appeal to the kid in everyone.  Peppered throughout are charming illustrations by Julie Olson, which capture the mood of key scenes in the book.   This breezy read was worth the wait.

Grade: B+

Review copy obtained from my local library