Review: Katie Kazoo Switcheroo: Horsing Around by Nancy Krulik


Title: Katie Kazoo Switcheroo: Horsing Around

Author: Nancy Krulik

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap

ISBN: 978-0448446776


May Contain Spoilers

Bet you can guess why I picked this book up!  Yup,  there’s a girl riding a horse on the cover.   I didn’t know anything about Katie Kazoo, and even though this is the 30th volume, I didn’t need to.  The story and characters are very accessible.  You get all of the information you need to enjoy the story during the read, including an introduction to a surprising number of characters, and even though the book is only 76 pages, all of information didn’t seem overwhelming or slow the pace of the narrative.

Katie has learned the unpleasant consequences of wishes. Ever since she made a wish in the third grade, a magic wind that turns her into someone else seems to follow her around and presto-chango her at the worst time possible.  She has gotten most of her friends into trouble because of it, but she can’t explain why they suddenly did weird things, because nobody would believe her!  When she is invited to a horse show, the worse possible scenario happens; she turns into her friend’s pony!  Humorous chaos ensues. 

This was a light, fluffy read.  I am always curious about how authors describe horsey events and horsey care, and though I question the scene where Becky leaves Brownie unattended in the warm-up ring (there is about a zero percent chance of this happening at the shows I go to!), Becky’s description of the dreaded and boring (for me) Showmanship class was spot on.

The characters are lively, with diverse personalities that don’t always get along.  Katie finds herself playing the peace- maker several times.  I liked Katie, and I thought that the character interactions were a lot of fun.  The illustrations are cartoony and fit the tone of the story perfectly. 

Grade: B

Review copy obtained from the library