Honey Hunt Vol 5 by Miki Aihara Manga Review


Title: Honey Hunt Vol 5

Author: Miki Aihara

Publisher:  Viz

ISBN: 978-1421535074


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

Find the courage to become a star!

As Yura’s friends gather to celebrate the premiere of the first episode of her TV show, she’s nowhere to be seen. Having taken up Q-ta’s offer of a hot springs vacation, Yura finds herself alone with him in a luxurious hotel room. Is she prepared to go all the way with Q-ta, or will her manager Mizorogi spoil the fun once again…?

Ah, Miki Aihara, why do I find your stories so irresistible?  Your characters don’t have noses, and your heroines have the mental fortitude of small sponges.  Somehow, though, almost against my will, I get sucked into your books and I can’t put them down.  I may get irritated (read: I do get irritated) at how Yura lets everyone push her around, but I can’t help but feel sorry for her.  She is so unsure of herself, and in this volume we get a glimpse into why she is so shy.  It’s made her even more sympathetic for me, but I wonder how she is going to survive the backstabbing world of show biz when she has yet to develop critical life skills to help her deal with other people and their abrasive personalities.

Yura’s mother is a complete and utter wench.  She has always been a selfish witch, and it is obvious that she will always be incapable of loving anyone other than herself.  She made Yura’s childhood a barren wasteland of loveless rejection.  How pathetic Yukari is, that she was so insanely jealous of her own daughter.  Yura has been nothing but a pawn to manipulate Onozuka from the day she was born.  Ugh! I can’t stand the woman!  Cutting her panels from the book and burning them wouldn’t clean the taint of her selfishness.  Ick!  I am looking forward to when Yura’s star does shine brighter than Yukari’s!

Though I often find the lead irritatingly passive, and the men in her life controlling buttheads, I just can’t stop reading Honey Hunt!  

Grade:  B

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    I have that sitting here, waiting for me to read it. But alas! Classes have just started and I haven’t found an hour to sit down and give it my attention. As soon as I’m done I will come back and read this review. I promise!

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