Review: The Zombie Chasers by John Kloepfer & Steve Wolfhard


Title: The Zombie Chasers

Author: John Kloepfer

Illustrated: Steve Wolfhard

Publisher: Harper

ISBN: 978-0061853043


May Contain Spoilers

This is one of the most popular MG books in the library network.  I waited weeks and weeks to make it to the head of the line, and when a copy came in, I was told I could only have it for 2 weeks, instead of the usual three.  Whoa!  Then I realized a very sad fact – there aren’t a lot of books in this age bracket that are so appealing to boys. 

The Zombie Chasers is a fun, action-packed read.  When the zombie apocalypse catches Phoenix unawares, lumbering, rotting corpses take to the streets.  Zack, upset after being humiliated by his sister and her friends, suffers further abuse when the meanest of the girls,  Madison, eats the last piece of his birthday cake.  The thought of enjoying that last, delightful slice of cake kept Zack going all day long, too! 

Quicker than he can blink, everyone on the block, except for vain, bossy Madison, has turned into a murderous, brain-craving zombie.  Now that last piece of cake is the last thing on Zack’s mind, and he is seriously worried about living through the night.  With Madison and his best friend, Rice, by his side, Zack ventures into a nightmare to find someplace safe to hide.

This was a fun read.  Full of comedic gore and sentences that occasionally caused me to cringe due to the tremendous “ick!” factor, I couldn’t put it down.  Zack is a feisty guy, and he rises to the challenge of surviving a zombie infestation with wit and lots of snarky comments.  He even proves to be quite gallant, by refusing to hurt his sister, even though she’s been turned into a zombie and she keeps trying to eat his brains.  Madison turns out to be not so awful, even though she remains bossy and demanding to the last page.  Rice, well, despite being a zombie “expert,” he’s a dweeb, and will remain one until the end of time.

Overflowing with humor and buckets of gore, The Zombie Chasers sets a blistering pace that never slows down.  Steve Wolfhard’s illustrations give the story added depth, both by providing amusing drawings and giving a visual representation of tons of gloppy zombies.  The book even has a zombie puppy!  How cute is that?!  My only disappointment with The Zombie Chasers is the non-ending, but, hey, at least the first chapter to the next installment of the series was included in the the back of the book.  Wonder how long I’ll have to wait to be at the head of the line for that one?

Grade: B

Review copy obtained from the library