Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs Vol 13 by Yukiya Sakuragi Manga Review


Title: Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs Vol 13

Author: Yukiya Sakuragi

Publisher: Viz

ISBN: 978-1421525921


Contains Massive Spoilers for Volume 12

From Amazon:

Moving Forward Kanako, the piano teacher who works on the floor above Woofles, is coping with the death of Czerny, her precious Pomeranian. The two of them had a very unique and even mystical bond, so it will be hard for Kanako to accept another dog into her life. But maybe, just maybe…

Argh! What is wrong with me?  I literally cried for the entire first half of this book!  I could really relate to Kanoko as she tries to adjust to life without her beloved Czerny.  While I never contemplated some of the drastic actions that crossed her mind, I shared her reluctance to go home to an empty, quiet house.  That is the worst part of losing a pet.  Suddenly, everything is much more quiet, and that comforting, familiar collar jiggle from is silenced. 

Suguri is desperate to comfort Kanako, but it’s hard to help someone through their grief when they aren’t ready to face it yet.  When an earthquake strikes, leaving scores of dogs homeless, Suguri thinks she might have found a way to help her friend.  This, again, was something that struck very close to home – we couldn’t save our KC, but we decided that we could save another dog.  We adopted a Rottweiler, and though he has many issues, it has been worth every bit of effort to have him adjust to a stable home.  Buu will never be a perfect dog, but he is the perfect dog for us.  Though it occasionally grew sappy and overly melodramatic, this story arc was the best so far in the series.

The rest of the book reverts to a much lighter tone, with Akiba and Chizuru feuding.  This causes a lot of stress for everyone, including their dogs.  Suguri has to play the peacemaker again, and she even figures out a creative way to get them together so they can work out their differences.  I like Suguri a lot; she would be an awesome friend because she cares about other people’s feelings so much.  Though the series can get very cheesy, I do enjoy getting my Inubaka fix. A word of warning, though; if you don’t get all doe-eyed around dogs, you will probably not enjoy this series.

Grade: B+

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