Review – Cinderella Cleaners: Prep Cool by Maya Gold


Title: Cinderella Cleaners: Prep Cool

Author: Maya Gold

Publisher: Scholastic

ISBN: 978-0545129602

May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

This week at Cinderella Cleaners, someone has dropped off a private-school uniform. Diana has always wondered what it would be like to attend a posh academy…and now she has the chance to find out. Her best friend’s cell phone is stolen, and in order to catch the culprit, Diana has to sneak into super-snooty Foreman Academy. But she never counted on mayhem, mean girls, and a pop quiz! Can Diana convince everyone she’s a prep-school student, or will she flunk big-time?

I enjoyed the second installment of the Cinderella Cleaners series better than the first.  All of background story and character introductions have already been done, so Diana can jump right into her latest adventure.  This time around, she and BFF Jess head out for a night of fun at Foreman Academy, a snooty prep school.  Their classmate, Will, is playing in his first gig, and he’s invited the girls to come and see his big debut.  An enchanted evening out turns disastrous when Diana is partly responsible for Jess’ phone getting filched.  Will she be able to get it back and made amends?

Espionage is the name of game after Jess’ phone falls into the hands of two students at Foreman Academy.  The girls are upset that dreamy Jason asked Jess to dance with him, and they try to get revenge after stealing Jess’ phone. They start sending nasty text messages to her friends, including sending them embarrassing pictures that were saved on the phone!  Oh noes!  Diana is terrified that Jess if find out that she snapped a few less than attractive shots of Jess and Jason getting down to Rock Lobster, so she will do anything to get that phone back!  Including borrowing a Foreman Academy uniform that’s at the cleaners and infiltrating enemy territory!

This was a fun, breezy read, as Diana relies on her friends at the cleaners to help her pull off her plan to get the phone back.  She dives head first into a nerve-wracking adventure.  The tension is kept elevated as she attempts to sneak into the exclusive school and get the phone back from the very mean ice princesses who have gotten their clutches on it.  Some of the plot devices were a little too convenient, but the stress levels were so taunt that I was able to suspend my disbelief and just go with the flow.

After seeing how the richer half lives, it was satisfying to see Diana begin to appreciate her school and her friends even more.  Her school might be on the humble side, but after her day at Foreman Academy, she sees it in a new light.  It’s not perfect, but it’s so much better than the stifling atmosphere and high pressure of the prep school, where the students are known more for who their parents are than for who they are. 

Diana’s character is beginning to mature, and she is making an effort to get along with her step-mother.  Fay is, admittedly,  kind of mean, and Diana will probably always have to carry a greater work load at home, but at least in this volume she tried to see Fay in a different light.  She knows that her father is having some financial difficulties with the cleaning business, and even Fay is not immune as the real estate market is struggling.  Seeing her try to make amends with her step-mom just made the overall impression of the book more cheerful and satisfying.

Prep Cool is a breezy read, and Diana’s feisty personality will keep readers engaged as she goes undercover and tries to make amends for letting her best friend down.

Grade:  B

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  • March 4, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    yes this is a good book I got to page 90 and it is awesome so far even though im only on that page Im trying to get to page 100 and then I only have a little bit pages left so read it and you will get into the book and feel like youre that girl Diana

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