Time and Again Vol 2 by JiUn Yun Manhwa Review


Title: Time and Again Vol 2

Author:  JiUn Yun

Publisher:  Yen Press

ISBN: 9780759530591


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

"Why do we even burn with love…when we all become pitiful and sad in the end?"
Baek-On has learned a thing or two on his travels dispatching spirits throughout the land: Love is a powerful emotion-even in death. Baek-On has made his fair share of love talismans, but even to someone in the business, the nature of love remains a mystery. Despite his skill, Baek-On is still young and inexperienced, and his hasty decision-making could cost him dearly…

Yen Press has done a beautiful job with Time and Again.  They included some full-color, glossy pages, and the trim size makes this slender volume a joy to handle.  The cover, with its muted, subdued tones, is very attractive and makes me want to see what’s inside the book.  This is one of Yen Press’s better looking releases, and I’m always eager to jump inside the pages when I see a volume of Time and Again.

I had the same problem with volume two that I had with the first one.  I enjoyed the chapters where Baek-On plays a fringe character much better than when he is in the spotlight.  My favorite chapter in this outing is the first, where a spoiled and impulsive young woman demands a love talisman from Baek-On.  She wants something that will withstand the test of time, and will bind her love to her even after death.  Whoa!  Things like that never end well, especially if you are stupid enough to lead a horse over a rickety bridge in the middle of a massive thunderstorm.  Just trust me on that one.

Baek-On learns that hasty judgments lead to disaster, and his brashness almost gets his best friend killed.  I did like him much better in this volume, and I hope that he continues to mature during the rest of the series.  My first impression of him is that he doesn’t really care what happens to the people he helps; he thinks they are a bother and just wants them to go away, so he always takes the easy way out when dealing with them.  When his actions almost get Ho-Yeon killed, I think he finally starts to realize that his impulsiveness can have unintended consequences.

Time and Again proves that selfishness leads to disaster, and that it’s better to think things through before carelessly asking for something that you probably shouldn’t have.

Grade: B

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