Animal Academy Vol 3 by Moyamu Fujino Manga Review


Title: Animal Academy Vol 3

Author: Moyamu Fujino

Publisher:  Tokyopop

ISBN: 9781427810977


May Contain Spoilers

From the back of the book:

As Miika struggles to be more independent, Fune gets a fever overnight! A small conspiracy begins regarding how to get her human cold medicine without revealing her secret, but someone seizes it as an opportunity to spy on something else. At the same time, Kotaro decides to impress Miika as she still seems to be ignorant of his true feelings. However, in midst of all the mess, Yuuichi is the one who will take the point of no return…

Animal Academy is shaping up into a solid title.  The series emphasizes the characters’ interactions with each other, and their diverse personalities don’t always promote harmony between them.  They bounce against each other like pinballs, trying to find some common ground and accept their differences.  Fune is a sweet girl with a kind heart, and all she wants is for everyone to get along.  To add complications to her already convoluted life, Miiko, a cat with an attitude, has claimed Fune as her own.  Sharing isn’t something she’s good at, and neither is getting along with anybody else!  It figures that she would make a beeline for Fune’s attentions.

The group is starting to come together and they rally behind Fune when she falls ill with a cold.  Even Miiko manages to muster enough interest to help Fune with her first assignment for the ninja club, even though she thinks it’s pointless.  I thought that Miiko has shown a lot of growth since the first volume, when I couldn’t stand her and her self-absorbed attitude.  Now she has been painted with more sympathetic brush strokes, and I see her indifference as uncertainty and trepidation of making a mistake and getting hurt.

Kotaro is one of my favorite characters.  He is so positive and sunny, it’s almost impossible to not be drawn to him.  He always sees the bright side of every situation, even when Miiko continually turns him down cold whenever he expresses his interest in her.  She must have the heart of an ice cube to not have the teeniest bit of affection for him.  Who cares that they are different species?  Love is supposed to conquer all obstacles.

There is a huge character revelation in this volume, and it is hard to keep this spoiler free.  Takuma is forced to do some serious soul searching, and his dilemma is turning Fune’s world upside down.  Of all of her new friends, Takuma is the one she feels the most comfortable with, and his distress is tearing her apart.  She doesn’t know what to do to make him feel better, and her inability to help him is breaking her heart. 

I am looking forward to the next volume, and I hope we’ll learn more about Sasuke and Yusuke.  There is something going on with them, and I haven’t figured out quite what it is yet.  I am also wondering how Takuma is going to resolve his issues.  But probably the biggest question I have is how long will it be before Miiko starts to warm up even a little to Kotaro?

Grade:  B

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