Penguin Teen Upcoming Summer Releases – Random Cover Shots

Man, Penguin Teen has been posting up a storm over on their Facebook page.  I hadn’t even heard of most of these, but I added them to my wishlist.  Warning – random cover spam to follow:


The Outside of a Horse by Ginny Rorby looks awesome! Maybe I am biased because it has a horse on the cover??  Nah, it still looks awesome!



Zombiekins by Kevin Bolger has a stuffed zombie bunny, teddy bear thing! It’s for MG readers, and it’s about a zombie plague unleashed on the 4th grade! Want!



Gamer Girl by Mari Mancusi is getting a June paperback release.  The protag likes manga and video games.  Sold!


My Double Life
by Janette Rallison looks like the perfect title to take to the beach.  Pop star look alike Alexis gets to live the life of a celebrity when she doubles for popular Kari Kingsley.


I love the cover to Illyria by Elizabeth Hand.  A theater setting?  Forbidden love? Not sure, but I’ll find out when this hits stores in May.



by Nina Kiriki Hoffman is  MG fantasy with fairies and magic portals to other worlds. 


Magic Below the Stairs
by Caroline Stevermer is full of magic and has a cover that begs me to pick it up and learn more about it.  Alas, I have to wait until June for that.


Betti on the High Wire
by Lisa Railsback is the story of an abandoned girl who has to learn to trust again.  It’s due out in July.


The Grimm Legacy
by Polly Shulman looks intriguing and makes me happy that my afterschool job was working in a used book store.  No magical items, just the magic found in books.  Hope this one is magical, too.




Super Human by Michael Carroll has an eye-catching cover. Can a group of young heroes defeat a super human before he enslaves the world?