Dorothea Vol 3 by Cuvie Manga Review


Title: Dorothea Vol 3

Author: Cuvie

Publisher:  CMX

ISBN: 9781401220242


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

Dorothea has agreed to serve as a decoy for the army’s zealot enemies. The commander hopes that they can draw their opponents into the open and confront them head on. But their plan may prove to be riskier than expected. Dorothea runs afoul of a knight who’s burned 99 witches at the stake…and he wants to make Dorothea number 100! This knight may prove to be Dorothea’s deadliest challenge so… 

Between this title and Orfina, CMX pretty much has the market cornered on strong heroines finding themselves caught up in the nightmare of war.  Both of the series are intelligent and complex, with chaotic, frenzied battle scenes tossed in to illustrate both the horror of war and the personal toll the fighting extracts from the protagonists.  Dorothea is interesting because plot deeply connects the rigid religious convictions of the middle ages, and the terrible price that was often paid when someone didn’t blend in with the rest of their neighbors.  To be different was often bad for your health.

Dorothea is an albino, and her otherworldly looks have earned her fear and loathing from her enemies.  They call her a witch and want to see her die in agony, burned at the stake.  All she wants to do is live in peace with her friends and family.  This is no longer an option for her, and soon she’s marching off to war, desperate to save her village and Princess Else.  Time is running out, though, because her grandmother has been taken into custody, and is soon to be tried by the religious court in Bamberg.

The series deftly captures Dorothea’s fear and desperation, as well as her determination and resolution to do whatever it takes to save her people.  She has been groomed from a young age to cherish Nauders, and be willing to sacrifice herself to protect it.  Gyurk, her childhood friend, is just beginning to understand what it means for Dorothea to be the leader of the White House, and he isn’t dealing with this new realization very well.  When he wants to flee, Dorothea wants only to continue to do her duty.  Gyurk’s fear of losing her is driving a wedge between them and threatening to tear their relationship apart. 

Dorothea is a title that explores both the political maneuvering and deadly clashes of people driven by the righteousness of their ideologies.  Both sides believe, without a doubt, that they are the side of justice, whether to force others to conform to a certain way of behavior or to fight against it.  As ordinary people get sucked into the conflict, it becomes ever more complex.  Dorothea makes for a character who we all can sympathize with; she just wants to be left alone, to live her life in peace.

Grade:  B+

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