Fire Investigator Nanase Vol 3 by Hashimoto & Ichikawa Manga Review


Title: Fire Investigator Nanase Vol 3

Story:  Izo Hashimoto

Art: Tomoshige Ichikawa

Publisher: CMX

ISBN: 9781401220457


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

Will her troubled past impede a young girl’s efforts to become a skilled firefighter? Firefighter academy student Nanase is a sharp but relatively new fire investigator, still haunted by her parents’ fiery death. Three years ago, she saved a man from a burning building. But he was no innocent victim–he turned out to be the arsonist responsible for the death of her parents. Now this serial fire-starter has started helping her solve fire-related crimes. His intentions seem good, but how can Nanase reconcile his willingness to help with his role in her own, personal tragedy? Meanwhile, another fire investigator (with his own vendetta against Firebug) becomes suspicious of Nanase and sets out to expose her relationship with the serial arsonist.

You have to give Nanase credit.  She has nerves of steel!  Sure, she may have started to lose it in this volume, but who can blame her?? Discovering bodies, obviously victims of foul play, and witnessing a murder would turn even the strongest person into a quivering puddle of fear.  Even worse, she trapped in an out of control fire that is threatening to burn her to a cinder!  Yikes!  This was one intense case for her, and all she wanted to do was enjoy her night off.

Though there are times when I am not so fond of the character designs, Tomoshige Ichikawa breathes life into the fires that are a part of Nanase’s daily life.  They are menacing and deadly, and totally unforgiving of mistakes.  One miscalculation, and poof!  Everything goes up in smoke.  The raging flames added a new depth of tension and danger in this volume, because both Nanase and Shingo, and not to mention the annoying Ogata, are all threatened by the blaze.  If Nanase can’t quickly plot a way through the flames, everyone is going to die, and she’s just not ready for that responsibility.

Fire Investigator Nanase is a high intensity series full of danger, excitement, and the constant threat of being burned to a crisp. Nanase is a strong character, and it takes a lot for her to loose her cool.  With the help of the deadly arsonist Firebug, her knowledge of fires is impressive and gives her an effective arsenal to use against them.   Because her colleagues are suspicious of her connection to Firebug, she is a bit of a lone wolf – nobody really trusts her, and her work relationships are distant because of it.  Now that hunky Hayato Hikawa has arrived on the scene, Nanase’s life is about to get a whole lot more complicated.  She’s attracted to the young investigator, but it doesn’t seem that he has her best interests at heart. 

This is another of those under rated series that deserves more readers.  It’s an action-packed race through the flames of death, and you never know what’s going to happen next.  I love Nanase’s intelligence and determination as she faces death head on.  With engrossing mysteries to solve and bad guys to catch, it’s got a winning formula that will captivate readers.

Grade:  B+

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