Orfina Vol 5 by Kitsune Tennouji Manga Review


Title: Orfina Vol 5

Author: Kitsune Tennouji

Publisher:  CMX

ISBN: 9781401214296


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

Fana and a group of allies have to act fast to save the Duke’s family. The traitor Ruskin has his wife Meilura imprisoned, and has convinced her that her daughter is dead! As Fana and her band attack, the rocky past between former allies Shettofgart and Ruskin is revealed, mysterious enemies confront Fana using her real name, and one of her companions is mortally wounded.

This is such an exciting series!  How could I have neglected it this long?  Probably because I didn’t want to wait four months between releases.  It’s got it all; damsels in distress, swords, guns, even fire breathing dragons!  Not to mention castle sieges, romance, mistaken identities, and goofy horned dog-like critters that seem much more reasonable than horses.  Don’t quote me on that one!

Fana has matured quite a bit, and she has developed an even more regal air.  She deftly leads her troops in an attempt to save Iluira and Meilura from the evil clutches of Ruskin, who is as vile a villain to ever grace the pages of a comic book.  Amazingly, I felt a twinge of sympathy for the kidnapping, child murdering, ravisher of helpless women.  How could this possibly have happened?!  Dear God, I felt like I lost my mind during the middle of the book.

The action sweeps you along helplessly, like a leaf caught in a tsunami.  Struggle as much as you want, but you aren’t going to escape from the engrossing grip of this volume.  There are such compelling characters to cheer for, and every deadly encounter is an agony of anticipation.  Will one of the good guys have his life brutally snuffed from the pages of the book?  Please, not Shettofgart or Cisun! Or even Hyleka, for that matter!  I have even developed a soft spot for some of the invading Granzians! What is the world coming to?

Orfina is shaping up into a series with a lot of depth, both in terms of plot twists and character development.  It’s the characters’ reactions to the tidal wave of events unfolding around them that gives the book its bite.  The goal of a peaceful life has taken a backseat to just surviving to see another day.  Freedom has become an expensive commodity, one that’s paid for with blood and tears.  Even the strong are made weak in the face of such overwhelming odds.  But you know what else?  Even the weak are given the strength to face their most fearsome opponents, to protect the land and the people they love.  Now that is what makes Orfina such a great story.

Grade: A-

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