Venus in Love Vol 8 by Yuki Nakaji Manga Review


Title: Venus in Love Vol 8

Author: Yuki Nakaji

Publisher:  CMX

ISBN: 9781401221003


May Contain Spoilers

From the publisher’s website:

Eichi’s younger brother, Tomoki, enters a hair styling contest with Suzuna as his model. Even though his parents wanted him to attend a regular college, they support his wishes and attend the contest. When the family meets Suzuna, they all fall in love with her. With everyone pushing for the young couple to get together, could love finally be coming out into the open for Eichi and…

I didn’t feel that there was much forward progression in this volume of Venus in Love.  Tomoki is given a larger role in this installment, and despite his family’s objections, he is determined to pursue his dream of becoming a hair stylist.  When he decides to enter a hair styling contest, he asks Suzuna to be his model.  I thought this was cute, because even though Suzuna isn’t the prettiest girl around, he likes her hair.  It’s easy to style, and her winning personality doesn’t hurt either.  Everyone is drawn to Suzuna because she is such a cheerful and positive person.  She’s always laughing and smiling, and it makes perfect sense that boys would be drawn to her like helpless honey bees.  She is so happy most of the time that everyone around her can’t help but be happy, too.

Part of my dissatisfaction with this volume is its lack of focus.  The point of view jumped from Tomoki to Suzuna and Eichi, to Yuki, with Makoto and Honoka thrown in for good measure.  That’s an awful lot of characters to be crammed in one book, without much really taking place.  This volume is an uneven mix of episodic events that didn’t hold my attention, except when Suzuna and Eichi were predominately featured.  I have felt this way with previous installments of Venus in Love, that some of the daily activities didn’t feel fresh and new, but instead ventured dangerously close to repetitive and uninspired.  Something wonderfully endearing would usually happen in the next volume, so I am hoping that is the case with Volume 9.  I still love the characters, but this volume jumped around too much to be truly satisfying. 

Grade: B-

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