Sumomomo, Momomo Vol 2 by Shinobu Ohtaka Manga Review


Title:Sumomomo, Momomo, Vol 2

Author: Shinobu Ohtaka

Publisher: Yen Press

ISBN: 9780759530454


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

As if being the target of Momoko’s affections isn’t bad enough, now Koushi is a target for assassination! Iroha Miyamoto is the next to make a move, determined to regain the honor of her fallen clan. But there’s more than one way to break up the union of Kuzuryuu and Inuzuka. Why kill Koushi off? Why not marry him instead?!

I feel a little guilty for enjoying this title as much as I do. Its one-dimensional characters are all stereo-types, and Momoko’s schemes to get Koushi to jump her bones are just wrong, since she looks all of twelve.  As if having Momoko hunting him like a bloodhound wasn’t bad enough, Koushi now has to contend with Iroha, a ninja assassin from a rival clan.  At first all Iroha wants to do is kill Koushi, but after a tumble from the school’s rooftop has her landing on her noggin, she realizes how she really feels for him.  She loves him!  Since I am a firm believer in the power of concussions and their ability to predict a lifelong attachment to someone else, I was all over this story revelation.  It was like watching my own life unfold within the pages!

This is another example of good old brainless fun.  I normally don’t enjoy goofy comedies, but Sumomomo, Momomo strikes a chord with me.  The illustrations crack me up, especially when Koushi has a look of extreme mortification when Momoko tries to finagle a little one on one time with her intended.  Nothing is safe from Shinobu Ohtaka’s pen, and he cheerfully pokes fun at everything in the book, especially his characters and their relationships to each other. There is a frantic, out of control energy that zings through the art, and it complements the humor.  The dialog is just as zippy, as one ridiculous declaration after another are spouted from Momoko’s mouth.  I can’t fault her for her single-minded determination to have Koushi claim her as his own.  It may be wrong on so many levels, but at least it earns a laugh.

Sumomomo, Momomo proves yet again that mindless fun can soothe a stressed out soul.  A steady diet of this would more than likely cause softening of the cranium, but short little doses shouldn’t have any lasting effects on your mental health.

Grade: B

Review copy provided by Yen Press

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