Blood Honey by Sakyou Yozakura BL Manga Review


Title: Blood Honey

Author:  Sakyou Yozakura

Publisher: BLU

ISBN: 9781427818003


May Contain Spoilers

From Right Stuff:

Nurse Yuki Akabane is a descendant of a line of vampires. He’s often visited at the hospital he works at by a donor nut named Osamu Mayuzumi, the insatiable cram school teacher. Yuki never really thought twice about Mayuzumi, but when he drinks some of his blood on a whim, it tastes so good to him that he tries to get closer to him to savor more. But what will he do when Mayuzumi suddenly stops coming…?!

Blood Honey is a cute take on vampires.  Akabane is descended from vampires, but he doesn’t really have any of their abilities.  Instead, he just has a thirst for blood. It’s only logical that he would work at a blood clinic, because where else can a modern day not-quite-vampire get a steady supply of blood?  When he drinks the blood of weirdo Mayuzumi, he goes a little nuts.  Mayuzumi has the most delicious blood he’s ever tasted!

After drinking Mayuzumi’s blood, Akabane has to figure out a way to get closer to him so that he can keep indulging in his yummy blood.  What he doesn’t know is that Mayuzumi is hiding secrets of his own.  If Mayuzumi doesn’t give blood regularly, his hot-blooded personality takes over!  At first Akabane just thinks that Mayuzumi is just a donor nut, he quickly learns that the seemingly mild-mannered teacher turns into a raving beast if he doesn’t lose some of his blood.  Perfect scenario for both of them! 

There is a lot of humor in Blood Honey, and it shines through in both the art and the situations the characters find themselves in.  Akabane has to find ways to build up Mayuzumi’s blood so it will enhance the delicious flavor, while Mayuzumi keeps trying to get rid of it.  Mayuzumi’s abrupt personality changes also keep Akabane on his toes, as the two try to define their relationship and what they mean to each other.  Theirs is a confused, muddled relationship that is propelled along  by their unusual need for each other.

My favorite chapter features Akabane’s nephew, Kurosu, an incredibly handsome young man who thinks he is god’s gift to the universe.  It takes a humbling stay at a temple, and the intervention of a no-nonsense monk, for him to find true happiness.  Oh, yeah.

I love the cover, and found that the playful illustration is very representative of the interior art.  There is a sense of fun and silliness throughout, and it doesn’t take itself seriously.  Blood Honey is another great example of brain-candy, and in addition to its sweetness, it looks great, too.

You can check out a preview of the book here.

Grade: B+

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