Viz Sale at Right Stuf – Get ‘em While They’re Cheap!

Ugh!  I am not having the greatest week, and nothing seems to be going quite right.  I am too fried to write a review, so instead I will point out that there is a manga and book sale at Right Stuf.  Here are a couple of recommendations that you can’t afford to not buy, especially if you are a Got Anime member, like me!

Happy Happy Clover – Yeah, this one is for kids, but it is so cute that you will soon be enchanted by Clover and her group of animal buddies.  Explore the forest, and learn about friendship at the same time!

Sand Chronicles – I cry every time I read this title.  The writing is so poignant that you will be sobbing too, as Ann tries to maneuver through the train wreck of her life.  Demonstrating how your past relentlessly influences your future, this is an emotional roller coaster.

Solanin – This was a surprise, because I wasn’t expecting to get so wrapped up in this story.  What I learned – time is short, so use it wisely.

Tail of the Moon – Fun, light-hearted ninja adventure with a hapless heroine and a hunky hero.  All of the volumes are available now, so snap them up!

Yurara – Chika Shiomi is one of my favorite authors.  Beautiful art and supernatural elements are mixed together to form a compelling romance.  Yay!

Children of the Sea – There’s only one word to describe this stunning series – haunting.  I love this one!

Kimi ni Todoke – Another winner from Viz.  It’s hard to not like this series about a super shy and socially awkward girl who pushes herself to make some friends.

Pluto – I really need to catch up on this one, because the first volume left me stunned.  What does it mean to be human?  Yeah, this one is intense.

Red River – What happens when a teenager from modern day Japan gets sucked back to ancient Anatolia?  Romance, adventure, and intrigue, that’s what!  Fun series that, admittedly, is on the long side, so pick ‘em up while they are on sale!

Boys Over Flowers – Classic comedy romance that never gets stale.  Sure, I got irritated with Tsukushi, but that’s only because she has to be one of most stubborn and clueless girls in shoujo. 

Kekkaishi – One of the best action titles in the Viz lineup, this shounen title has oodles of excitement, intrigue, and danger!  The art is fantastic, and one of the biggest draws for me is the dark and dangerous Masamori. 

High School Debut – Great comedy romance about a tomboy who seeks to remake herself into a more girly girl so she can land herself a boyfriend.  I honestly never thought I would enjoy this one, but it has been one of my favorites since volume one.

Beauty is the Beast – This is a quirky and very, very underrated comedy romance.  I love the art and the unusual cast.

There are so many Viz titles that I love that I can’t even cover them all!  There’s also Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, D-Gray Man, One Piece – the list is endless.  That’s why I am so happy whenever there are Viz sales at Right Stuf! 

What are your favorite Viz titles??

2 thoughts on “Viz Sale at Right Stuf – Get ‘em While They’re Cheap!

  • February 23, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    You picked up on a lot to good stuff! To chime in, I’d recommend Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure for any Shonen fan whose looking to get into a more intensive and gritty read!

  • February 26, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Hooray for Kekkaishi! 🙂 I agree with that recommendation!

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