Four-Eyed Prince Vol 2 by Wataru Mizukami Manga Review


Title: Four-Eyed Prince Vol 2

Author: Wataru Mizukami

Publisher: Del Rey

ISBN: 9780345516312

May Contain Spoilers

From the back of the book:

Life isn’t fair! Sachiko has a huge crush on her new stepbrother, Akihiko, a cute boy whose glasses make him even hotter, but he shows no interest in her. When she meets a group of hard-core fans of eyeglasses, she learns about the dreamy "Four-Eyed Kiss." Can she convince Akihiko to give her one?

This series is a little infuriating.  At first, this volume lulled me into a false sense of security, and I didn’t mind the first chapter.  Akihiko, while he didn’t treat Sachiko like someone he actually likes, wasn’t mean to her, either.  A group girls with a crush on Akihiko and his glasses use Sachiko to get closer to their idol.  Nobody pushes glasses up the bridge of their nose as confidently or stunningly as Akihiko, after all.  Sachiko thinks she’s made the best friends of her life, but her step-brother sees right through the cunning girls.  He even saves Sachiko from the barracudas and doesn’t insult her much or berate her for being stupid.  No, he saves that for the next chapter.

Four-Eyed Prince has such a huge strike against it that I have a problem struggling through the pages.  Akihiko may be cool and good-looking, but he is also a big jerk.  He treats Sachiko like crap, and the one or two little kindnesses that he bestows upon her near the end of the chapters just don’t make up for how awful he treats her during the rest of the time.  The fact that Sachiko keeps chasing after him, despite him telling her, bluntly, that he’s not interested, doesn’t say much for her intelligence, either.  But looking at her mother and her relationship with Akihiko’s wayward father, I guess it was inevitable that Sachiko would end up a little confused when it comes to dealing with guys.  The fact that Akihiko makes her cry in almost every chapter should also tell her something. 

This series is just not my cup of tea.  I keep hoping that Sachiko will open her eyes and see that Akihiko is not a nice guy, despite how good she thinks he looks with his glasses on.  A scrap of kindness here and there doesn’t make for a fulfilling or healthy relationship.  Maybe the one who really needs glasses in Four-Eyed Prince isn’t Akihiko, but Sachiko.

The bonus short story Snow Has Fallen is also included, about a girl who dreams about being kissed in the snow.

Grade: D

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