Electric Hands by Taishi Zaou BL Manga Review


Title: Electric Hands

Author: Taishi Zaou

Publisher: Doki Doki Books

ISBN: 9781569701133

May Contain Spoilers

This anthology of tame BL stories showcase the humor and quirky personalities that Taishi Zaou has become known for.  She is one of my favorite writers in the field, because of the comedic situations and likeable characters that populate her stories.  This is a collection of some of her earlier works, and despite a lack of variety in some of the chapters, it’s an enjoyable read.

The first couple up is Fujino and Takie.  Fujino has a little problem.  All right, it’s a huge problem.  He has a hand fetish, and his friend Takie has beautiful hands.  Fujino can’t keep himself from being drawn to Takie and those expressive hands of his.  Whenever Takie touches him, a jolt of electricity shoots through Fujino. He soon spends quite a bit of energy running way from Takie and his magic hands, which has Takie wondering what he’s done to his friend.  This was a cute story, and comments from classmates at their all boys school add to the laughs. 

The next couple in “Brother Love” is actually love triangle between one of Fujino’s classmates, Tomoharu, and his new younger brothers.  Tomoharu has been raised by his mother since his father’s death years ago, and when his mom finally remarries, he’s thrilled.  He won’t have to do so many chores anymore and he gets two new brothers, too!  Score!  Err, or maybe not so fast.  Both of his brothers confess their love for him, but Tomoharu isn’t ready to get all touchy-feely with a couple of guys.  I would love to see this story continued.

The final two chapters feature another older boy with a younger, very persistent admirer, and a high jumper and his team mate’s captivating gaze.  This is all brain candy, with lots of sugary goodness and no thinking required.  The art has Taishi Zaou’s characteristic pointy chins and stylish mops of hair, and the illustrations hum with personality.  Sure, there’s nothing in here that will stick with you for years to come, but what’s life without a few yummy empty calories every now and again?

Grade:  B

Review copy provided by Doki Doki Books

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