Shaman Warrior Vol 6 by Park Joong-Ki Manhwa Review


Title: Shaman Warrior Vol 6

Author: Park Joong-Ki

Publisher: Dark Horse

ISBN: 9781593078959

May Contain Spoilers

Yaki has been reunited with Batu, and their quest for vengeance has begun. The Manutu clan is plotting to overthrow the oppressive Kugai rulers, but there is a traitor in their midst.  Will their plans lead to their deaths, or will they finally achieve the revenge they have been planning for so long?

My favorite part of this volume was the flashback to Yarong and Batu’s first meeting and subsequent friendship.  Batu wanted so badly to escape his life as a wrestler that he would do anything, even compromise his own beliefs.  When he discovers that he’s been made a fool of by unscrupulous Kugai warriors, it’s Yarong who comes to his rescue.  Both of them are outcasts, both of them are treated like animals, but together they find a friendship and a respect that had been lacking in their lives.  It is easy to see how Yarong shaped and added focus to Batu’s life, and why Batu is now willing to give his up life to avenge the death of his master.  This bit of history gave Batu an entirely new dimension, and rounded out his character.

Now that Yaki knows the truth behind her father’s death, she is as eager as Batu to win a little revenge.  Neither of them realize that there is a traitor waiting to sell them out and jeopardize their carefully crafted plans.  The political and personal grandstanding made the story even more interesting, and gave it a new maturity.  Before it was all about the action, but now I feel that more compelling elements have been injected into the plot, while keeping all of the exciting battles, too.

My one gripe about Shaman Warrior is that it is sometimes hard to follow along with what’s going on.  There are huge shifts in time and location that take place without any setup at all.  You just get dropped somewhere else, and then you have to try and figure out what’s going on.  That was occasionally irritating, because events were clicking along at a rapid pace and bingo! I would get confused and then realize that there was a change in either time or perspective.

Shaman Warrior is starting to mature and grow, making it a more compelling read.  This is another series that is improving with each volume, and I am looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

Grade: B

Review copy provided by Dark Horse