Only One Wish by Mia Ikumi Manga Review


Title:  Only One Wish

Author: Mia Ikumi

Publisher:  Del Rey

ISBN: 9780345514646

May Contain Spoilers

There’s a rumor that if you send a text message to a certain address from a non-existent staircase at school, an angel will grant your wish.  The angel will only grant one wish, and you have to be careful!  Not all wishes end up with a happy ending!

With few exceptions, I find story anthologies like this one tedious.  This particular volume skews to much younger readers, which made it very difficult to relate to the characters.  Mainly love struck girls, most of the stories revolve around how the current heroine of the chapter will win the love of the boy she has her eye on.  Resorting to magical assistance, the girls all take the easy way out by using an enchanted cell phone and an angel’s wish to win the boy of their dreams.  Because reality differs vastly from dreams, things don’t go as expected, and unhappiness often ensues.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t find any of the situations compelling and the book was a challenge to finish.  It just could not hold my attention.

The girls in most of the stories are pining for the loves of their lives, which is usually determined by how cute and popular the boy is.  Important things like personality don’t even play into the picture.  Because of the nature of the stories, there is no character or plot development, and the angel, who can be either good or evil depending on the maker of the wish, doesn’t have a distinct enough voice to make her memorable.  In addition to being populated with one-dimensional characters, the story situations are also instantly forgettable.  This is a good book to rent from the library, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a purchase.

Grade: C-

Review copy provided by Del Rey

2 thoughts on “Only One Wish by Mia Ikumi Manga Review

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  • January 12, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. The book was incredibly disappointing.

    What got me was that the book made it seem like it was going to be something so much darker than what it was & it wasn’t. I was expecting something along the lines of Hell Girl, only perhaps not as dark. The first story reinforced that & then all of a sudden the tone switches from one dark story to other stories that were all fairly lighthearted in tone. I couldn’t help but think that the witch/angel girl was a wimp.

    If the author had cut that one story out, if the publishing company hadn’t made the book seem so dark-ish in tone or maybe even if they had put the first story later in the book, perhaps it would have sat better with me. I doubt it, but it’s possible.

    But yeah… totally not spending my money on this at all. I read it in Barnes & Noble & am glad of it.

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