Love Skit by Rie Honjoh BL Manga Review


Title: Love Skit

Author: Rie Honjoh

Publisher: 801 Media

ISBN: 9781934129395

May Contain Spoilers

Aoto’s not a happy guy, and he has every reason to be unhappy.  First, his parents died, leaving him and  his sister to fend for themselves.  Then, his sister Ryouko dies, leaving him broken hearted once again.  Aoto takes comfort from Takashi, his brother-in-law.  Takashi has promised to take care of him, so the two are living together.  When Takashi’s friend, Masayuki, accuses Aoto of being in love with his brother-in-law, will Aoto be able to admit the truth to himself?

I liked the art better than I enjoyed the stories in Love Skit.  The illustrations are clear and detailed, and facial expressions drive the story forward.  The character designs are attractive as well, and everyone has a distinctive look.  The cover is very appealing, as Aoto curls underneath an attentive Masayuki,  who wears a slightly teasing smile on his face.  The interior artwork shares the playful mood of the cover, but the actual plot contents didn’t do much to  impress me.

Despite the likeable characters, I felt like I have read this story about a dozen times in the past.  There isn’t anything unique within the covers to make much in Love Skit memorable.  All of the usual plot devices are here; an older, more experienced guy discovers that the young, innocent main character is harboring a forbidden love, the older guy chases after him, the younger guy is left even more confused because of his conflicted feelings.  It’s usually a cute formula, but it doesn’t rise above the crowd in this setting.  The story progresses at a solid clip, Aoto and Masayuki go through the motions of falling in love, but there isn’t much sexual tension between them, and the details are quickly forgotten once the book is closed. 

Despite its appealing look, Love Skit is light on substance, and it doesn’t leave much in the way of a lasting impression.  

Grade: C+

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