Mixed Vegetables Vol 5 by Ayumi Komura Manga Review


Title: Mixed Vegetables Vol 5

Author: Ayumi Komura

Publisher:  Viz

ISBN: 9781421519715

May Contain Spoilers

Hanayu is broken hearted to learn that Hayato is giving up his dream to become a pastry chef.  He has always been there for her, cheering her on as she tried to convince her father to allow her to become a sushi chef.  Now that she’s on her way to achieving her goals,  Hana doesn’t understand why Hayato is so willing to give up on his.  Will he confide in her, or will he keep silent about his change of heart?

Young love is so full of drama!  Hana is finally content, now that she’s on the road to becoming a sushi chef, and now that she and Hayato are dating.  He is always there for her, encouraging her when she stumbles while chasing her ambitions.  When she learns that he has decided to take over the sushi shop after all, she is hurt and confused.  He really, really wants to be a pastry chef!  Why is he settling for a future that will never make him happy?  Hana longs for him to confide in her, but he is keeping a tight lid on his thoughts and emotions.

This story arc was sweet, because Hana gets so upset about Hayato abandoning his dreams.  What really gets to her is his refusal to discuss it with her.  She wants so badly to comfort him, but he keeps pushing her away.  When he finally does open up, they share an emotional discussion, with both of them shedding tears for Hayato’s failed dreams.  Sure, it’s extremely sappy, but it’s one of the first times I recall a hero breaking down in tears because he’s accepted that there are some things in life that you just can’t have.

The next story arc treads on familiar ground as exam week approaches.  Both Hana and Hayato are academically weak, and Hayato’s mother decides to ban them from the shop until after their tests are over.  They did both fail their mid-terms.  Pride gets in the way, and Hana declares that she’ll work at the shop and still pass all of her tests, and if she doesn’t, she’ll quit her job at Sushi Hyuga forever!   The usual catastrophe strikes, destroying Hana’s carefully laid plans to coordinate her school work and her job. 

Though there is nothing that really sets this series apart from other high school romances, I like the characters and the art enough that I keep hitching along for a ride.  There is still a very obvious solution to both of their problems, and now that Hana and Hayato are dating, I wonder when they will start to consider it.  They first got together so that they could pursue their heart’s desire.  Now that they are dating because they have come to genuinely like each other,  it only makes sense that they would just swap which shop they would take over.  Hana’s father is already resigned to losing his daughter to her true love of slicing and dicing fish.  I’m sure that Hayato’s parents would also accept his desire to bake delicious cakes.  I wonder how long it will take everyone to reach this conclusion?

Grade:  B-

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