Millennium Prime Minister Vol 2 by Eiki Eiki Manga Review


Title: Millennium Prime Minister Vol 2

Author: Eiki Eiki

Publisher:  Doki Doki

ISBN: 9781569700938

May Contain Spoilers

Sai, the Prime Minister’s senior aid, has run away!  Jealous of Kanata’s relationship with Minori, his broken heart won’t allow him to watch as the young politician flirts with his finance.  Kanata wants to keep a lid on the fact that his trusted advisor has vanished, but his enemies are gifted at sniffing out secrets.  Will Kanata be able to prevent a scandal from hitting the evening news?

This is a fun series, but the focus of this volume shifted away from Minori and her confusing feelings for the young Prime Minister.  Instead, it’s about Sai and his unrequited passion for the Kanata.  Now, that’s not a bad thing, but part of what I enjoyed about the first volume was that Minori was sucked into a situation against her will, and that situation would qualify for most girls’ romantic fantasy come true.  She suddenly finds herself engaged to one of the most powerful men in Japan, living in a residence that’s steeped in tradition and glamour, and she’s surrounded by a bevy of beautiful men.  What girl doesn’t dream of being swept off of her feet by a charming guy like Kanata?

That’s not to say that all of this time spent with Sai is completely distasteful.  Quite the contrary; it’s quite enlightening and amusing.  The guy is a prima donna, and he’s much more girly than Minori.  Sai pouts, bullies to get his way, and takes advantage of everyone he can to achieve his goals.  It’s just that Kanata is kind of dense and never once thought of Sai in a romantic, I want to jump your bones kind of way.  No, Kanata is saving his bone jumping aspirations for Minori, and Minori is just confused by this weird, uncomfortable love triangle.  

The mix of odd personalities gives Millennium Prime Minister much of its humor.  Minori has been transported to a nut house, and it’s no wonder the poor girl doesn’t know what to do.  Not content to dwell on the romantic travails of the characters, Eiki Eiki also tosses in some political intrigue. Kanata is young, attractive, and powerful, and he’s earned his fair share of enemies.  Those jealous of his political standing conspire to knock him down a few pegs, and with the turmoil within his own ranks, they are going to have an easier time of it.  The blend of humor and romance makes for an entertaining read, and the attractive art makes it easy on the eyes.  Sure, this is pure fluff, but it’s fun, pretty fluff.

Grade: B

Review copy provided by Doki Doki Books

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