Millionaire Husband by Banks & Uesugi Digital Manga Review


  Title: Millionaire Husband

  Original Story by: Leanne Banks

  Manga by: Kanako Uesugi

  Publisher:  DMP & Harlequin

  Available at eManga

Now this is a wonderful example of what a Harlequin is supposed to be like!  I loved this one!  It is part of the Millionaire Boys series, and I really hope that we get the other two parts of it.  This is pure escapist romance at its best.  Once again, the only thing holding it back is the subpar presentation, but because I was so caught up in the story, there were only a few times when the production values really jumped out at me. 

Justin is my kind of guy – he is self-centered, greedy, and lives to make more money.  Growing up in an orphanage, he vowed to never be financially insecure again.  When his best friends convince him to make some charitable contributions, he has a hard time letting go of his money.  While visiting one of the potential recipients, a preschoolers’ learning program,  he collapses and Amy, the young instructor, rushes him to the hospital.  On his deathbed, he makes an agreement with God to do a good deed if he lives.  The good deed turns out to be helping Amy keep custody of her young niece and twin nephews.  What a perfect set up for a storybook romance!

For most of the story, we are treated to Justin’s perspective of events.  This is something that isn’t done often enough, and I always like to get inside the hero’s head and see just what he’s thinking.  Justin is a bit shallow at the start of the book, focused only on amassing an ever larger fortune for himself.  Because of his unhappy childhood, he keeps his distance from women and can’t imagine ever having a family of his own.  He can’t even imagine what being part of a happy family would be like.  And that’s where Amy steps in, to show him that trusting other people can be rewarding and enriching.  A life without love is empty and unfulfilling.

Gosh, I liked Amy!  She hasn’t had a very happy childhood, either, but she didn’t let that turn her away from other people.  Instead, she embraces life and strives to make everyone around her happy.  The gloomy Justin had absolutely no chance once the two of them met.  The romantic tension takes a while to kick into gear, but when it does, yeow!   There is some great comedy worked into the illustrations, too, making this a fun, fun read.  This is so worth a rent, and I might have to try to track down the original books in the series. 

Grade: A-

Presentation: C-

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