B.O.D.Y. Vol 3 by Ao Mimori Manga Review


Title: B.O.D.Y. Vol 3

Author: Ao Mimori

Publisher: Viz

ISBN: 9781421518046

May Contain Spoilers

When Ryunosuke discovers that Ryoko is working for the host club to buy out his contract, he isn’t happy.  At all.  An uncomfortable rift develops between them, one that widens as Ryoko looks for excuses for Jin’s awful  behavior.  The president of the host club is a snake, but Ryoko thinks that he’s only hiding his true self by pretending to be ruthless and money hungry.  Will Ryoko be right, or will Jin destroy her relationship Ryunosuke with his scheming ways?

B.O.D.Y. is just not hitting a sweet spot for me.  The further I delve into the series, the less I find that I like it.  I am not connecting with the characters, especially the guys, and I am finding it difficult to care about them.  The situations are also too outlandish, making it difficult for me to buy into the current story arc. Ryunosuke and Ryoko have been relegated to indentured servants for Jin’s greedy ambitions, but I am having a tough time with their passive acceptance of his demeaning and tyrannical control over them. 

It’s when Ryoko refuses to see Jin as a bad guy and instead wants to cast him as a victim that things really fell apart for me.  Discovering the deep, dark secret of his past, she wants to reform him by dredging up his Life Altering Event.  After he was taken advantage of, his personality took a turn for the worst, and everything that was decent about him was cast aside.  Instead, a cold, ruthless Jin emerges, to repeat the crime committed against him in a never ending cycle.  Instead of being the victim, Jin becomes the aggressor, and he will never let anyone take advantage of him again.  He preys upon others, forcing them into debt to him and then keeping an iron grip on them until they repay him.

I didn’t find Jin or his betrayal compelling, so I was glad that this story arc wrapped up in only a few chapters.  I hope that the rest of the plot picks up, or this one will be dropped from my to be read list.

Grade:  C-

Review copy provided by Viz