Venus in Love Vol 7 by Yuki Nakaji Manga Review


Title: Venus in Love Vol 7

Author: Yuki Nakaji

Publisher: CMX

ISBN: 9781401220990

May Contain Spoilers

CMX has certainly managed to license some very under-rated but emotionally involving titles.  Venus in Love in another series that isn’t getting the attention it deserves.  Some of the earlier volumes did feel a little redundant, but the author has settled into a much more solid mode of storytelling, focusing on the characters and their changing feelings for each other.  It has become very involving and even a little suspenseful, as Suzuna continues to make a positive impression on everyone she encounters.  For a girl supposedly lacking in feminine wiles, she has gathered quite a group of admirers around her.  I wonder who she is going to end up with?

Eichi is finally feeling the heat, and he is seething with jealousy.  It wasn’t disturbing enough that he had to worry about Suzuna falling for handsome model Yuki, but now a childhood friend is making advances on her, too.  It’s refreshing to see the guy squirm for a change, and Eichi is wiggling like a worm on the end of a hook.  Suzuna’s old friend, er, tormentor, Shu, has appeared on the scene, and he is obviously interested in her.  Suzuna is so friendly and carefree that she quickly welcomes him back into her life, which Eichi doesn’t like at all.  Now, instead of the girl being conflicted and torn by her feelings, it’s the guy, and Eichi isn’t dealing with his emotions very well.  A lot of their problems could be solved by just getting them out in the open, but that wouldn’t be as fun, would it?  Instead, there is this tug of war between Eichi, Yuki, and the new rival Shu, and the resulting tension is delightfully engrossing.

While the series retains an overall light-hearted tone, things are getting serious between Eichi and Suzuna.  The story is now driven by the characters and how they feel about each other, and even a trip to a museum can cause some unsettling shifts in how they regard each other.  The pacing is anything but swift, but the leisurely events allow for some quiet reflection amongst the cast.  Simple daily activities also invite new opportunities to view someone in a different light.  The change in how Suzuna and Eichi feel about each other has taken place gradually and convincingly.  While both of them can be dense at times, they are a fun couple and I want them to end up together.   Venus in Love has finally hit its sweet spot, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Grade: A-

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