Don’t Rush Love by Mio Tennohji Manga Review


Title: Don’t Rush Love

Author: Mio Tennohji

Publisher: 801 Media

ISBN: 9781934129289

May Contain Spoilers

Morino is the new kid at an all-boys prep school.  From the moment he first sees Kusama, he’s instantly smitten.  When the athletic student turns out to be Morino’s room mate, he has a hard time keeping his love a secret.  He knows that Kusama is in love with their teacher, Kanzaki, and the prospect of Kusama returning his feelings are about zilch.  Still, if Morino can convince Kusama to use him as a substitute for Kanzaki, he’ll get spend precious time with his love and stop Kusama from sleeping around.  Can love bloom between Morino and Kusama, or will Kusama just take advantage of Morino?

Don’t Rush Love is a typical high school BL romance, full of all of the conventions that you’d expect.  There’s a shy, timid student who falls for a more self-assured and outgoing classmate, and lots of unrequited love to add angst to the tale.  Morino is instantly infatuated with Kusama after watching him play volleyball, and he can’t believe his good luck to learn that they are roomies.  He’s not so thrilled when Kusama sneaks out night after night, returning near dawn after spending the evening with different lovers.  Kusama can’t get Kanzaki out of his head, and he’ll use anyone to help soothe his frustrated passions.  Enter Morino, no longer content to admire Kusama from afar.  Instead, he proposes to be Kanzaki’s stand-in, so that Kusama isn’t out all night, every night, sleeping all around town.

The premise is fairly by the book, without too many surprises thrown in to cause additional emotional grief for the characters.  There is a great deal of drama as Morino and Kusama work through their feelings for each other, and it is further complicated with the introduction of Kusama’s family.  Still, there isn’t anything unique about the story to set it apart from the rest of the pack.  Throw in some very awkward art, where the characters resemble clothes pins, and you’re left with a momentarily distracting, though undistinguished read.  

Grade: C+

Review copy provided by 801 Media

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