Color by Eiki Eiki x Taishi Zaou Manga Review

Title:  Color

Author:  Eiki Eiki x Taishi Zaou

Publisher: Doki Doki

ISBN:  9781569701126

May Contain Spoilers

Take two of my favorite BL creators, add them together, and what do you get?  A solid tale of sweet romance, interlaced with tender comedy and angsty drama.  Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou collaborate on Color, introducing two young men who are looking for what’s missing in their lives.  When Takashiro sees his painting hanging next to a similar work by Sakae Fujiwara, he knows he has to meet the other artist.  He can tell that they share many of the same feelings, and he is a little unsettled when he realizes that they even gave their works of art the same name.  Due to a misunderstanding, he believes that Sakae is a girl, and he’s all fired up to meet her.  He learns that she’ll even be attending the same art school, and he can’t wait for school to start.  What happens when “she” turns out to be a “he”?  Can Sakae still be his soul mate?

Striking a nice blend between Eiki Eiki’s occasional darker themes and Taishi Zaou’s silly humor, Color explores the developing relationship between Takashiro and Sakai.  Since the death of his twin, Takashiro has felt that he’s lost part of himself.  When he meets Sakae, he finally feels whole.   Though neither of them fits the tortured artist billing, they are both lonely and looking for a meaning to their lives.  They hit it off immediately, and as they grow closer together, they begin to have romantic feelings for each other.  Cautiously, they move forward with their relationship, sheltered in the narrow confines of their school.  They are happy with each other, and believe that they’ll be together forever. Then real life intrudes, and they  both realize how fragile their love really is.

I liked both Takashiro and Sakae, and their blossoming relationship was natural and complemented their personalities.  They wrestle with the usual “Oh, he’s a guy, I can’t fall in love with him” quandary that darkens the lives of BL characters, but their resolution to the dilemma is swift and convincing.  It’s what happens afterwards, when family issues threaten to tear them apart, that gives the story some depth.  They each deal with the roadblocks in their path differently, and while Sakae falls into despair, Takashiro never gives up hope for a happy resolution.  Neither did I.   I really wanted these guys to end up together, smearing paint on canvas, supporting each other and loving each other.

The art is what you expect from both Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou – the character designs are cute, with long, lean torsos and pointy facial features.  Both Takashiro and Sakae have unruly shocks of hair framing their thin faces.  Though their heads occasionally appear impossibly small perched on their overly narrow bodies, I thought the art was very attractive.

So far, Doki Doki is a winning line.  Color fits right into the list of other titles, offering a light-hearted romance with likeable characters in a school setting.  Complete in one volume, it offers up comedy, drama, and appealing artwork.  

Grade: B

Review copy provided by Doki Doki

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