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We finally stopped shopping long enough to hit a panel this morning.  There’s a quick and no-frills rundown of the CMX manga panel hosted by Jim Chadwick, Asako Suzuki, and Larry Berry.

First up- new sampler for 2009.  I love manga samplers, because I get to see what the art looks like and learn a little about new series before making a purchasing decision.  I do all of my manga shopping online, and sometimes it’s nice to get a little glimpse of what I’m buying before I make the dollar commitment.  This year’s sampler covers 12 series, some of which are already in stores, like Venus Capriccio, Broken Blade, and Ballad of a Shinigami.

Next up, discussion of upcoming titles.  An entire year’s worth! I’ll cover the manga in the sampler in a later post.

Rampage – Yunosuke Yoshinaga – Flex action title.  This is four volume,  ongoing fantasy series with historical characters that is like the House of Flying Daggers.  It’s rated mature because of the violence.

My Darling Miss Bancho by Mayu Fujikata, release date March 2010– This is also an ongoing title, and it is a romance.  Can never have enough of those!  It’s about a girl who transfers to an all boys school.  She knocks out the school tough guy with her bag, so she becomes the new school leader.  Sounds cute.

Diamond Girl – Takanori Yamazaki is due in April 2010.  It’s about a girl who excels at baseball, but she doesn’t like it.  Her school team sucks, and they keep trying to get her to join.  It’s not really a sports manga, though.

Polyphonic Cardinal Crimson by Ichiro Sasaki is based on a visual novel and is due in May 2010.  It takes place at a music school, and is a fantasy with music spirits.

Nadeshiko Club by Miku Sakamoto is seven volumes long and is due in June of next year.  The heroine gets dumped because she’s not girly enough, so she joins the home ec club, which only has male members.  They are dead serious about their cooking and cleaning skills, and they run the club like it’s boot camp.  I hate cooking and cleaning, so I sympathize with the heroine already.

Next, it was mentioned that delays in getting volumes of Swan and Eroica into stores is due to difficulty acquiring materials needed from the Japanese publisher, and also to keep a steady stream of newer titles on the schedule.

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