D. Gray-Man Vol 13 & 14 by Katsura Hoshino Manga Review

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Title: D. Gray-Man Vol 13 & 14

Author: Katsura Hoshino

Publisher:  Viz

ISBN:  9781421525990 & 9781421526003

May Contain Spoilers

The battle with Road and Tyki Mikk finally wraps up, but only because of the timely interference of Allen’s master, Cross Marian.  He swoops in like a disheveled knight, giving the trapped Exorcists help just when they need it to most.  He’s also determined to ruin the Earl’s diabolical plans, even if he has to cast suspicion on Allen to do it.  Now that he’s under intense scrutiny, can Allen prove that he’s not a traitor?

I’ve got to admit that the endless battle in the Ark was getting a little stale.  I think part of this was due to the artwork.  It is so dark and intense when all of the fighting was filling the panels, and it soon became difficult to figure out what was going on.  All of those dark, busy lines, especially during Tyki and Allen’s altercation, started to get overwhelming.  I like Katsura Hoshino’s art, but the speed lines and explosive contact between opponents made it hard to see it through all of the extraneous ink.

Things settled down once everyone escaped from the Ark, but as Cross got a one-up on the Earl, you just know that life won’t be peaceful for long.  Allen, displaying a new talent in their escape, is immediately the subject of suspicion.  Now the Central Agency is trying to dig up dirt on him and prove that he’s a traitor.  As if he didn’t already have enough to deal with, Allen is also being following around by a very creepy shadow that only he can see.  Ugh!  What is up with that?  He can’t even brush his teeth in peace anymore.  How can the poor guy sleep, knowing that that thing is just a step away?

Trouble is brewing for Lenalee, too.  An old tormentor has reappeared, and she is having a hard time containing her fear of him.  With Allen being shadowed by the Central Agency, she can’t even share her concerns with him.  Rouvelier is one of those powerful men who delights in terrorizing  people they believe are weaker than them.  He seems to be setting a path of trouble around the Exorcist crew, and it is bound to have an adverse effect on their ability to battle with the Akuma.  

Volume 14 takes a much needed break in the action.  Everyone needed to take a step back and catch their breath, me included.  I love all of the action, but when the excitement never ends, it stops being special and starts feeling stale.  Now more subtle forces are putting pressure on the gang, chipping away at their standing within the Exorcist organization.  If the questions surrounding Allen continue to intensify and his comrades begin to doubt his loyalty, it’s going to put everyone at a huge disadvantage when the Earl makes his move. 

Grade:  B-

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