Jyu-Oh-Sei Vol 3 by Natsumi Itsuki Manga Review

Title: Jyu-Oh-Sei Vol 3

Author: Natsumi Itsuki

Publisher: Tokyopop

ISBN: 9781427810175

May Contain Spoilers

In this concluding volume, Thor learns the cold and calculated details behind his existence and the murder of his family. The very survival of humans in the colonies is at risk, and with such high stakes, you can bet that some people are willing to do anything to ensure their continued existence.  Thor just happens to be the key to a scientific mystery that allows no room for happiness or security for anyone, including himself.  Even the planet of Kimaera harbors secrets, and if they can’t be deciphered, human life will cease. 

The planet takes on a life of its own, as if it realizes the danger it faces.  The plant life fights back with a terrifying vengeance, attacking the scientists who would sacrifice them for the sake of them experiments.  Adding to the tension, there is a group of individuals who believe that life is doomed and that it should be allowed to just run its course, but others, including Thor, are willing to fight to the bitter end.  As events unfold, Thor learns that not everyone is who they appear, his parents are not entirely guiltless, and there is no happy ever after to be found.

While still an engaging story, Jyu-Oh-Sei lost momentum in the middle;  it takes a long time to get back up to speed again, and I found my attention wandering when Thor was finally getting some of the answers to the questions that had been plaguing him.  Tragedies befall him, one after another, as he continues his quest to become the Beast King.  With his ultimate goal to avenge his family,  he discovers some uncomfortable truths about himself and about his parents.  While the story is still compelling, the tone changed from a survival adventure with sci-fi elements to something that was more of a hard science fiction yarn.   The pacing was uneven, stumbling here, racing haphazardly there.  While all of the loose ends were tied up, it still seemed as though something is missing from the finale of the series.  There wasn’t as much emotional involvement on my part, and that made me very disappointed. 

Also included is a side story featuring Zagi’s initial grab for power shortly after he’s dumped on Kamaera.  

Grade:  B-

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