[PR] Sayonara, Mr Fatty!



Sayonara, Mr. Fatty: A Geek’s Diet Memoir

July 14, 2009

192 pages, 5 .5 x 7.5 inches

Health/Memoir, Trade Paperback                             

978-1-934287- 42-2

$14.95/$17.50 CAN  Vertical, Distributed through Random House

OtaKing Reveals the Secret to Controlling Your Inner Geek

Toshio Okada is a professional geek.  The former CEO of Japan’s most influential animation studio looked the part as well, as his 5’7” frame was carrying around 250lbs of nerd across the globe while working the international lecture circuit.  He tried every diet out there, and not a single one was able to keep the weight off.  So he did what every geek does when they cannot find satisfaction…he built a better program.

Love juicy, cheesy burgers?  No time to go to the gym?  Afraid there will always be another rebound down the road?  That’s okay!  This is the thinking person’s weight-loss plan—a diet for the rest of us.  By reading Sayonara, Mr. Fatty! you too can enjoy your obsessions and still lose more than 100lbs in a year with little more than a pen and a notebook.  Say good-bye to the flab, and prepare to look better and feel great while enjoying your favorite foods.  Be in command of your own geek kingdom, and never say no to a hamburger again!

Born in Osaka in 1958 Toshio Okada is a Japanese writer who specializes in pop culture.  He is the founder of GAINAX Co., Ltd., serving as CEO from 1984 to 1992.  GAINAX is known as one of the most influential anime studios in Japan, due to the success of such properties as Royal Space Force: the Wings of Honneamise, Nadia: the Secret of Blue Water, GunBuster and Neon Genesis Evengelion.

Often referred to as the “OtaKing—short for “King of Otaku” or “King of theGeeks”—Okada has published more than ten books. He is a regular lecturer on pop culture in universities and colleges around the world, including MIT and the University of Tokyo.