Prince of Tennis Vol 10 by Takeshi Konomi Manga Review

Title:  The Prince of Tennis Vol 10

Author:  Takeshi Konomi

Publisher: Viz

ISBN: 9781421500706

May Contain Spoilers

Oh, goody, another guy to despise!  When Ryoma spends his day off antagonizing the competition,  he steals the thunder from the ruthless Jin Yamabuki.  Jin is trouble with a capital T, and he quickly pushes all of Ryoma’s buttons.  Jin loves picking on everyone, and he’s tough enough to not get his butt kicked by bullying the wrong person.  He and Ryoma quickly come to an understanding – they can’t stand each other, and each is eager to bring the other guy down.  Who will win this war of intimidation?

The scenes with the troublemaking Jin were awesome.  He is going to cause some major problems for Ryoma, and I can’t wait for their tennis match.  Both of them are masters at intimidation, though Jin is willing to injure other people to prove just how strong he is.  Ryoma just thrashes them in a cold-blooded game of tennis.  After being a victim of Jin’s game of manipulation, Ryoma changes tactics and gives back a little of the grief that he’s received from Jin.  Ryoma is much more subtle and calculating when he dishes out a little of the bad attitude that Jin throws his way.  I’m not quite sure who one-upped the other here, but I think that maybe Ryoma has the advantage.  Jin isn’t used to anyone fighting back, and he gets thrown for a loop by Ryoma.

The last half of the book doesn’t deliver as compelling a story.  The Seishun team is training for their next match, with their usual grueling practice methods.  Sadaharu whips up another noxious concoction that nobody wants to drink, and the usual team dynamics are at play.  Tezuka is finally going to play another match, and I hope that it take up more than the few panels given to his previous outing.  I like him, a lot, but with so many other charismatic characters to compete against, I don’t feel that he gets a fair shake when it comes to getting his share of plot time.

Grade: B

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