Dragon Eye Vol 7 by Kairi Fujiyama Manga Review

Title:  Dragon Eye Vol 7

Author: Kairi Fujiyama

Publisher: Del Rey

ISBN: 9780345506726

May Contain Spoilers

The annual exhibition tournament is about to begin, and of course things aren’t going to go very smoothly.  With Issa participating as the captain delegate, there is no lack of opponents for him for fight off.  It seems that everyone wants to beat him to a pulp!  When evil forces infiltrate Mikuni City,  will VIUS be able to put an end to their plot?  Or is everyone too focused on a victory over Issa to realize that there’s trouble afoot?

Oh, my! It’s amazing how many people want to clobber Issa.  What has this guy ever done to deserve this kind of negative attention?  Sure, he’s a glutton, he’s lazy, and he possesses the maturity of a ten year old, but when the chips are down, he’s all about defending Mikuni City from the Dracules.  Even if it means giving his life!  Some people just don’t get any respect, and Issa is one of them.  I feel bad for the little guy, because all he really wants is to be left alone to chow down on noodles or bean paste buns.

Leila has set her hopes a little high, and when she gets knocked out of the tournament early, she’s feeling a little low.  Actually, she feels like a total failure.  When she goes to see her old mentor for a little pep talk, she gets lost in addition to receiving some unwanted homework.  Since she’s preoccupied with her defeat, she isn’t paying any attention to where she’s going and she ends up stumbling over a plot to cause all kinds of chaos during the tournament.  It’s the perfect time for deadly plans, because everyone is focused on thumping the crap out of Issa.  Everyone is going to feel very stupid after Mikuni City is overrun because they were so fixated on feeding Issa some humble pie.  Hope they get a grip on what is important before it comes to that.

I am enjoying this title quite a bit, and this volume added some much needed world building elements to beef up the back story.  The leaders from neighboring nations have dropped in for a visit, and each is sure to bring along some headaches for Mikuni City and its populace.  The VIUS Heavenly Elders are also going to cause problems, especially for Issa.  It’s kind of hard to not respect a guy who has single-handedly earned the dislike of almost everyone he knows.  Only Leila and Sakaraba seem to be among his supporters.  Is it all because he can be so obnoxious? Maybe we’ll get an answer to this and other burning questions in the next installment, due in stores in September.

Grade: B