His Arrogance by Takashi Kanzaki Manga Review

Title:  His Arrogance

Author: Takashi Kanzaki

Publisher: 801 Media

ISBN:  9781934129258

This title contains Mature Content 18+

May Contain Spoilers

Ryou’s older brother Tomohito is a famous model, and he’s the pride and joy of their father’s agency.  To support his brother and the family business, Ryou lives in the company dorm, taking care of the up and coming models.  When the arrogant Kazuto moves in, all he brings to the mix is a bad attitude.  He doesn’t get along with his co-workers, he’s not above trying to steal another model’s gig, and he has no respect for anyone.  Will Ryou be able to get along with this obnoxious guy?

I really wanted to like this book, but Kazuto is such a jerk that it’s hard to believe Ryou would fall for him.  He doesn’t really treat Ryou poorly, but he is so blunt and harsh in his mannerisms that it’s difficult to buy into their romance.  Kazuto is jealous and has a temper, and he doesn’t hesitate to let others know how he feels, which is usually pretty cranky.  He doesn’t even hesitate to try to steal another model’s job when he starts to think that he is spending too much time with Ryou. 

Ryou has a huge brother complex, and he is just nuts about Tomohito.  He lives for his older brother and all of his successes.  This also sets Kazuto on edge, because he pales in comparison to the popular model.  Tomohito isn’t a knight in shining armor, though; he’s just as nuts about his cute little brother, and he’s not about to let some upstart steal him away.  The two men treat Ryou like a pull toy as they wrestle to win his affections.  This would have had more impact if I actually cared about any of the characters.  Alas, even Tomohito is a cad, and he wants to keep Ryou all to himself.  He was even willing to seduce his naive brother so another man couldn’t snatch him away.  No brownie points for you, Tomohito!  Taking advantage of your little brother is just not cool!

I like Takashi Kanzaki’s art, but with so many unpleasant characters milling about in His Arrogance, their good looks were in vain.  Together with the brainless plot, this tale left me unimpressed.

Grade: C-

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