Bogle Vol 1 by Taira & Ichiju Manga Review

Title: Bogle Vol 1

Author: Shino Taira

Art: Yuko Ichiju

Publisher: go!comi

ISBN: 9781933617961

May Contain Spoilers

Asuka is living a double life – the high school student is also a cat-burglar! After moving from Okinawa, she promised to give up her dangerous moonlighting, but she’s caught up in a secret organization where her prowling skills are put to good use.  Now she’s a member of Bogle, and she’s stealing from evil people to return precious objects to the downtrodden.  Can she keep her new job hidden from her older brother, a police detective?

I am just having a hard time buying to teenage thieves, especially when they break into art museums.  The suspension of believe doesn’t extend that far for me.  Otherwise, Bogle is an episodic adventure about a cheery girl, Asuka, who has just moved to a new city and is attending a new school.  It starts out with her getting lost on her way to school, and she becomes extremely flustered after meeting two gorgeous guys; an older student, Ryoma  and her classmate, Masato.  Little does she know that the three of them are going to end up protecting unfortunate souls who have had something precious stolen from them.  Since Asuka couldn’t even navigate her way across campus, it was a stretch to think that she could sneak into other people’s houses and not get caught. 

Anyhoo, Ryoma and Masato are both drop dead gorgeous, and needless to say, they are extremely popular with the female student body.  So much so that Asuka soon wins a few enemies just because she’s seen talking to them.  Only in manga.  Asuka has the kind of personality that usually charms everyone, and even little setbacks of tacks in her locker and flowerpots dropped from windows are cheerfully put behind her.  I guess my biggest complaint about the heroine is that she’s just so darned nice.  That made her a little boring, because she rarely was willing to rock the boat and cause a confrontation, and when she did, it was too quickly smoothed over. 

While I found the situations the trio maneuvered through rather bland, I did like the striking artwork.  It reminded me of Chika Shiomi, minus the delicious tension between characters.   The action scenes were occasionally wooden, but overall, everything moved competently as the story progressed.

Grade: C+

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