Kurohime Vol 7 by Masanori Ookamigumi Katakura Manga Review

Title: Kurohime Vol 7

Author: Masanori • Ookamigumi • Katakura

Publisher: Viz

ISBN: 9781421516363

May Contain Spoilers

Kurohime is battling for her life against the god Gandhara, but her fierce will to fight just isn’t there.  Her grief over losing Zero won’t let her go, and she can’t concentrate on anything but getting him back.  In the depths of her sorrow, she wonders if they’ll be reunited if she allows herself to die.  Will she be able to stop feeling sorry for herself long enough to defeat the ugly god attacking her?

While I still think that the “reborn” Kurohime is only a pale shell of her formerly awesome self, her devotion to Zero is very touching.  After not caring for anybody for so long, she’s remembered how to love, only to learn the bitter sting of loss.  She’ll do anything to resurrect Zero, but thoughts of him are distracting her from the task at hand; freeing Yamato-hime.  When the goddess gives her the Yamato-Dachi and tells her to find the spirit kings of earth, water, fire, and wind, she thinks it’ll be a cake-walk.  Until Yamato-hime informs her that every time she transforms into her true form, she’ll lose a memory of Zero!

This understandably throws Kurohime into a deep and dark depression.  Is it worth the loss of her memories to use her magic powers?  If she doesn’t locate the spirit kings and return to Yamato-hime before all of the petals of an enchanted lotus fall, she will permanently forget about Zero.  If she can free the goddess, she can bring Zero back to life.  Talk about a race against time.  Every time she gets into a fight and has to use her powers, another petal falls, and she loses another precious memory of Zero.  Now she’s got to make a tough decision before she transforms – is using magic worth forgetting about Zero?

There are fights galore in this volume, and old enemies return, burning with hatred for Kurohime.  Maybe her old policy of shooting first and asking questions never wasn’t so wise after all.  A lot of people are suffering because of things she’s done in the past, and the new Kurohime, with her reawakened emotions, feels a sense of responsibility for her actions.  She’s not content to just turn her back on other people and walk away anymore, but she has to deal with an inner struggle before she unleashes her power.  She’s caused so much suffering, but making amends for it might mean forgetting about Zero.  Are the sins of her past going to cause Kurohime to lose every treasured memory of her lost love?  Frankly, with the amount of fighting going on, I don’t see how that little lotus flower can possibly survive more than a few more volumes. 

Grade: B

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