Kurohime Vol 6 by Masanori Ookamigumi Katakura Manga Review

Title:  Kurohime Vol 6

Author: Masanori • Ookamigumi • Katakura

Publisher: Viz

ISBN:  9781421516356

May Contain Spoilers

I’m not sure yet how I feel about this gentler, softer Himeko who has been left behind after the tragic events of the last volume.  She is a shell of her former self, having regained the love that she had lost when she was cursed by the gods.  Now that she’s lost Zero, these feelings are more of a burden than a blessing, and they have sealed away her powers more effectively than the curse ever did.  Much of the humor has also been lost, as Himeko is no longer out to please only herself. 

Not only her inner self has changed; Himeko’s outward appearance is also different.  No longer a little girl, she’s blossomed into a teenager, with the budding body to match.  Now there can be some fan service even when Kurohime and her unenviable curves aren’t anywhere to be found.  Like her still maturing form, Himeko’s powers are still developing, and without Zero to give her that added push, she can’t call upon her powerful reserves of magical abilities.  That makes things a little more interesting,  but I haven’t decided yet if it makes up for her newfound desire to help everybody out.  Her selfishness was one of the things that I liked about her.  Though ultimately more good than evil, Himeko was a unique blend of good and bad, but most of the bad has now been purged.

In this volume, Himeko and Asura, with Onimaru in his new chibi body, head off to Yamato to meet with Asura’s master.  Asura has assured Himeko that there must be a way to resurrect Zero, and if anyone can, it would be her master, Yamatohime.  Along the way Himeko saves some baby turtles, helps keep the peace between humans and merfolk, and guides the ghosts of centuries old lovers to heaven.  The adventures move swiftly along, and though they were entertaining enough, they lacked the spark of previous volumes.  

Grade:  B-

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