Lux-Pain to Ship with Exclusive Art Book

I love it when video games ship with exclusives, like art books, game guides, or music CDs.  I just received my copy of Legacy of Ys, and it had a music CD.  Knights in the Nightmare ships with a music CD and an art book. 

All first ship quantities of Lux Pain will come with an exclusive art book.  Now you can enjoy the creepy goodness of the game whenever the urge hits you.  But you have to order early, or you’ll miss out on all the fun.


Why doesn’t manga come with little goodies?  Bookmarks would be awesome, and so would sticker sheets. 

What are some of your favorite freebies?

One thought on “Lux-Pain to Ship with Exclusive Art Book

  • March 13, 2009 at 9:51 am

    you need an xbox

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