Orfina Vol 4 by Kitsune Tennouji Manga Review

Title:  Orfina Vol 4

Author:  Kitsune Tennouji

Publisher: CMX

ISBN:  9781401214289

May Contain Spoilers

I was a little disappointed with this installment of Orfina.   All of the action and chaos in this volume just didn’t seem convincing, and there wasn’t really a good reason for Fana to put herself in the position that she did.  She and her allies devise an elaborate method of getting Fana an audience with the Duke, but nothing is accomplished other than a very hectic escape sequence.  This particular plot point didn’t make much sense, nor did Fana’s insistence that Cisun allow her to tend to his wounds – while they’re in the middle of escaping from the castle.  They both might as well have hung a sign reading, “Please capture me,” around their necks.  What’s a little bit of dirt and germs compared with getting captured and beheaded?  The action scenes of them running through the castle fending off their pursuers was fun, but it seemed pointless at the same time.

Now Iluira and Meilura, though shown only briefly, had much more compelling roles.  Meilura will use any means available to her to protect her daughter, even if it means getting a little too close to the enemy.  She is willing to sacrifice herself to save Iluira.  She comes across as brave and noble, and you really hope that her submission will protect both of them from harm.  The world of Orfina is rough and dangerous, and there’s no guarantee that justice will prevail.  Right now, it looks like only the strong and bloodthirsty will survive, and that those of a gentler disposition are in for a very unpleasant existence.

I absolutely adore Shettofgart. Well, maybe his name could use some work, but he’s the type of character that I can’t help but be drawn to.  Like Meilura, he’s strong and courageous, and he fell in love with Orfina from the first moment he set eyes on her.  From a humble background, he strives to raise in the ranks of the army, longing to become the Princess’s body guard so he can devote his life to protecting her.  How can you not love a guy like that?  The death of Orfina must weigh heavily on him, and it makes me wonder how he’ll react to Fana.  Will he be able to fight for her, when every time he looks at her he can’t help but be reminded of his failure to protect Orfina?

Grade:  C+