Kekkaishi Vol 16 by Yellow Tanabe Manga Review

Title:  Kekkaishi Vol 16

Author:  Yellow Tanabe

Publisher: Viz

ISBN: 9781421522227

May Contain Spoilers

In this volume of Kekkaishi, Yoshimori gains a stalker, the Shadow Organization criticizes the current state of the Karasumori site, and a dragon drops in for a visit.  Things were awfully busy for the young guardians of the sacred site!  It’s a wonder that they haven’t flunked out of school yet, what with their very busy evenings taken up with protecting the Karasumori, instead of cracking the books.

Okuni from the Shadow Organization doesn’t think much of the way the Sumimura and Yukimura families have been handling their duties.  The site is becoming unstable and the situation is becoming extremely perilous.  Okuni is disappointed that the situation is rapidly deteriorating, and that it threatens the Organization’s mission to maintain order between the human and spirit worlds.  Her words upset Yoshimori’s grandfather, and there is a fine line drawn in the sand between the Karasumori guardians and the Shadow Organization.  Things will get very interesting if an open conflict erupts between them, and it makes me wonder where Masamori’s loyalties will lie.

When Yoshimori saves a girl who has fallen off the roof of the school, he opens himself to a lot of grief.  Julia is a whack job, and she falls in and out of love with alarming frequency.  And enthusiasm.  Once she locks onto a new target, nothing will stop her from capturing her prey.  Too bad she fell for Yoshimori.  The poor girl doesn’t know what hit her.  He could care less about any girl other than Tokine, though Julia’s strong persuasive style brings him temporarily up short.  This was a fun break from all of the dark events happening at the site, and may have even have caused Tokine to look at Yoshimori in a new light.

Yoshimori’s mother makes a very brief appearance, and it was really more of a tease, because even Yoshimori didn’t get to see her face.  She just caused a bit of trouble for Yoshimori and Tokine and then headed off on her merry way.  I have often wondered about Yoshimori’s mother, wondering where she was.  Still don’t know, but it looks like she can cause some mischief for her son.  I hope that she has more than a few fleeting panels in an upcoming volume, and that she doesn’t cause Yoshimori too much grief.

Grade:  A

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