Tea for Two Vol 2 by Yaya Sakuragi Manga Review

Title: Tea for Two Vol 2

Author: Yaya Sakuragi

Publisher: BLU

ISBN: 9781427809582

May Contain Spoilers

Klutzy Tokumaru and graceful Hasune are back, and now they are dating.  The odd couple have hardly any time to spend together, as Tokumaru gives his all to baseball, and Hasune must help with his family’s business.  Just when things start to look up, Tokumaru’s friend, Goh returns, causing some friction between the two lovebirds.  Will Tokumaru and Hasune be able to work through their differences?

This is a very cute series.  Both of the leads are likeable, and they are so different from each other.  Tokumaru is impulsive and he lives for the day, hardly giving a thought to anything other than the here and the now.  Hasune has been groomed from childhood to be graceful and polite, and he is expected to take over the family business.  Tea is the name of the game for him, and his parents take it very, very seriously. 

Hasune has always done as expected, but he starts to rebel, suddenly feeling like he’s being suffocated.  Tokumaru is just the opposite.  He realizes that all of his friends have plan and goals, and he’s just drifting along through life.  This puts a huge strain on their relationship, because suddenly Hasune is using Tokumaru as an excuse to neglect his duties, and Tokumaru doesn’t care for that one little bit.  Instead of giving him the comfort that he’s seeking, Tokumaru gives Hasune a piece of his mind and refuses to see him until he gets his head screwed back on straight.  Oh, the angst!  I never thought Tokumaru would ever be mature enough to take a stance like that, and even he seemed a little surprised with himself.

Tea for Two has a surprising amount of depth, and the artwork has really grown on me.  I can hardly wait for volume three!

Grade: A-

Rated for Mature

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