Mixed Vegetables Vol 2 by Ayumi Komura Manga Review

Title: Mixed Vegetables Vol 2

Author: Ayumi Komura

Publisher: Viz

ISBN:  9781421519685

May Contain Spoilers

Hanayu just wants to be a sushi chef.  Her only problem?  She’s the daughter of a famous patisserie, and she’s in line to take over the family business.  Hayato just wants to bake cakes.  His problem?  He’s the son of a famous sushi chef, and he’s expected to take over the family business.  Will Hanayu and Hayato be able to find a way to make their dreams come true and keep their families happy at the same time?

Hanayu’s plan to marry Hayato so she can work at his family’s sushi restaurant has been derailed!  He had a similar plan of marrying into her family so he could become a patisserie.  Now the two aren’t talking, and Hanayu is more upset about it than she ever thought possible.  She was only after him for his sushi connections, wasn’t she?  Maybe not, because now she misses his friendship.  Hanayu has to work through the awkwardness that has cropped up between them, and she has to learn how to pay more attention when ordering supplies for her cooking class.  She’s got a lot on her mind, and she just can’t concentrate because she’s so unhappy about Hayato.

I’m just not buying into Hanayu and Hayato’s relationship.  If they were willing to marry into each other’s families so they could pursue their career choice, I don’t understand why, now that their original goal is out in the open, they don’t see this as a viable solution anymore.  It was alright when they would have been using the other person, but now that everything is on the table and they know what’s going on, it’s unacceptable?  That just doesn’t make any sense to me.  It’s the perfect way to get what they want!  They don’t dislike each other, and it would allow Hanayu to expand her knife collection and Hayato to decorate cakes to his heart’s content.  But then I guess the story would come to an end.

While Hanayu and Hayato work out their relationship, they also have school stress to deal with.  They are both very competitive, and they strive to outdo each other during class.  This usually gets them into trouble with their teacher, who seems to suffer from a multiple personality disorder.  Both of them take enough knocks from Matsuzaka that closed head injuries were a very real possibility.  The battle over the eggs was a little too much, but the food pictured during class sessions usually makes me hungry.

When Hanayu’s determination to follow her dreams begins to wane, Hayato taunts her about losing her drive.  This made me like him better.  He actually tries to help her stay focused on her goals and prods her along when she starts second guessing herself.  Now that is boyfriend material. How long will it be before they realize that both of their dreams are within their reach, if only they are willing to work together to achieve them?

While the story can be listless at times, I do enjoy the crisp art.  The characters are very expressive.  Hairstyles are a bit on the unkempt side, and would be a nightmare in most kitchens, especially Hanayu’s untamed locks.  The food always looks appetizing, and makes me want to run over to Happy Sushi for a quick fix for the hunger pangs I am suddenly suffering from.

Grade: C+

Rated for Teen

Review copy provided by Viz

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