NANA Vol 13 by Ai Yazawa Manga Review

Title:  NANA vol 13

Author: Ai Yazawa

Publisher: Viz

ISBN:  9781421518800

May Contain Spoilers

Oh, no!  That bad feeling is back, that tingling sensation that something really, really bad is going to happen to Nana.  First, there’s Ren and his changing tastes for prohibited substances,  and then there’s all of the talk in the media about the stalker running around murdering people.  Flash to a pretty creepy scene, displaying a harmless enough looking mega fan caressing her Nana and Blast collection.  No!  Please say it ain’t so!  Put away that box cutter and reach for your headphones instead!  Ren kind of sets the warning bells clanging, too, with his idle talk of killing Nana one day.  What a gloomy boyfriend she’s found.

First, though, Hachi is finding that heaven isn’t so easy to attain.  Accepting the invite from Naoki to attend Shin and Reira’s party might not have been such a bright idea.  Takumi is just livid when he sees her, and he demands, in no uncertain terms, that she go home.  Now!  Hachi, still reeling from her topsy-turvy emotions, is about ready to throw in the towel and move back into the old apartment.

While I don’t necessarily agree with her decision to chase after her dreams of a glamorous life by marrying Takumi, I don’t think that she is mature enough to try to raise her baby by herself.  I don’t think that Takumi will provide the emotional support that Hachi needs, but I do believe that he will make sure that his family is well taken care of.  If he protects his family as fiercely as he protects the band, Hachi doesn’t have anything to worry about, other than being trapped in a gilded cage.

Lots of great romantic entanglements are twisting through this volume.  The Shin-Reira hook-up is one of my favorites and I wish more time was devoted to them.  They are two more needy characters just milling around in search of meaning to their lives.  Ai Yazawa presents this struggle on such a dramatic scale, and you can’t help but get caught up in everyone’s fight to find even a fleeting flash of happiness.  The fact that all of the characters’ lives are woven together, putting pressure on their relationships as they bend and shift, makes it that much more interesting.  Lovers one moment, distant strangers the next, nobody has the luxury to remain unchanged and content.

Grade: A-

Rated for Mature

Review copy provided by Viz

One thought on “NANA Vol 13 by Ai Yazawa Manga Review

  • November 2, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    I finally got my copy of Nana volume 13 yesterday and read it the same day. I give this one an A- as well. Volume 12 was definitely an A+ for hitting all the right notes with a nice cliffhanger and that crazy flash-forward in the beginning. However, 13 had a more of a steady pace, with the majority of the volume taking place at the house party. It tied up many of the loose ends with Hachi finally reuniting with Nana and choosing to stay with Takumi. This volume had a semi-cliffhanger as well. So I’m eagerly looking forward to volume 14 in January. If only this series was released monthly, because it’s just so good.

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