Inubaka – Crazy for Dogs Vol 11 by Yukiya Sakuragi Manga Review

Title:  Inubaka Crazy for Dogs Vol 11

Author: Yukiya Sakuragi

Publisher: Viz

ISBN: 9781421521626

May Contain Spoilers

The heated competition between Wan Kaw and Woofles continues!  Hibino of Wan Kaw is willing to do anything to put Woofles out of business, and that includes stealing the gullible Suguri from their employ!  It’s critical that he learn the secret of Suguri’s puppy training methods, but she’s not willing to part ways with Woofles.  When a dog dance competition promises an invaluable PR opportunity, Hibino searches high and low for the perfect dance team.  When Suguri learns that Wan Kaw is entering the contest, can she convince Teppei to let her enter it, too?

It is a good thing that Lupin can read better than Suguri.  He foils Hibino’s underhanded tactics to lure Suguri to Wan Kaw, but the clever manager quickly distracts the dog with a bowl of premium dog food.  Will Teppei lose his employee?  Probably not, with Mikage rushing to step in and save Suguri from herself.  The silly girl never did have a clue that anything shady was going on.

There are a couple of chapters about a very obnoxious customer, the kind of guy that gives customer service employees sweat-drenched nightmares.   He pitches an absolute fit, both at Woofles and Wan Kaw, trying to get something for nothing.  I’m usually a believer that the customer is always right, except for when he’s not, and in this instance, he’s not!  Teppei was cool as a cucumber when he was confronted by this jerk, and he brought up a great policy, too – sometimes you just have to choose your customers, because some business just isn’t worth having.

The last part of book felt a little stale, as Suguri is approached by Show to enter a K9 dance competition.  The winner gets to throw out the ceremonial pitch at a season opening ball game!  Yay!  Just what the shop needs for some extra PR.  The only problem is that it seemed an awful lot like the agility competition with Henry a few volumes back.  Henry even makes a guest appearance.  This time around, Suguri takes up pole dancing to get her groove back, and Lupin is her not so well trained partner.  Are the two of them going overboard with their non-stop training?  When Suguri sees Wan Kaw’s dance team, will she be able to keep her resolve to win?  Things are looking mighty hopeless, but things always seem to work out for Suguri.  Wish I had half of her luck.

Grade: B-

Rated for Older Teen

Review copy provided by Viz

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