Silver Diamond Vol 1: Silver Seed by Shiho Sugiura Manga Review

Title:  Silver Diamond Vol 1: Silver Seed

Author: Shiho Sugiura

Publisher: Tokyopop

ISBN: 9781427809650

May Contain Spoilers

I loved the first chapter of Silver Diamond.  Things start off with a bang, when mysterious Chigusa is swept into a magical vortex during an assassination attempt on the prince.  He ends up in another world, in Rakan’s garden.  The lonely orphan lives a quiet life by himself, tending to his flowers. When Rakan finds the sleeping stranger nestled amongst his plants, he wonders where the guy came from.  When Chigusa attacks him, he’s even more shocked.  So much for a peaceful evening of watering his foliage.

A fantasy with strong shounen-ai undertones, Silver Diamond features beautiful guys and lots of adventure elements.  You know that Rakan’s days of peaceful solitude are going to come to an abrupt end, what with crazed looking Chigusa and his strange gun dropping so forcefully into his life.  Not to mention Narushige and his talking snake.  Rakan learns that he is the spitting image of the prince that Chigusa tried to kill, and that all of the plant-life on his world has died, leaving nothing but a sandy wasteland.  Rakan also discovers that he’s a sanome, and he has power over plants, which makes him very special in Chigusa’s world. 

The pacing was a little uneven, and the jarring switch to Chigusa’s world left me a little confused.  Still, there’s a lot of promise here, and the art is fantastic.  The lines are soft and fine, giving a dreamy cast to the illustrations.  All of those gorgeous guys!  There’s a ton of eye candy, especially Chigusa with his glasses.  Hotness!  Oh, and the full-color insert at the front of the book is so pretty! Silver Diamond is worth a read just for that.

Grade: B

Rated for Teen

Review copy provided by Tokyopop

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