Seduction More Beautiful Than Love Vol 2 by Lee Hyeon-Sook Manhwa

Title:  Seduction More Beautiful Than Love Vol 2

Author:  Lee Hyeon-Sook

Publisher:  Tokyopop

ISBN:  9781427806093

May Contain Spoilers

After a promising start, this series sputtered and was reduced to a mangled mess.  Instead of focusing on Daoun and her conflicted feelings for bad boy student Ryumin, it degenerated into a contest to see who could be more manipulative – Ryumin or Hayoung, his want-to-be girlfriend.  Add into the mix the revelation of  Ryumin’s previously undisclosed life-threatening accident, it’s effect on his health, and Daoun’s crush from college, and things just became more convoluted as the story progressed.

The main characters are so unlikable that I really had a hard time sympathizing with any of them.  Daoun is especially hard to like – she’s supposed to be the adult, yet she allows Ryumin to toy so casually with her emotions.  She has zero common sense, and allows her students to constantly get the better of her, which isn’t going to do much for her performance review.  There’s a great guy, Hyunwoo, who’s just nuts about her, but he’s too shy to let her know.  He’s probably better off if he just keeps his feelings to himself.

Ryumin and Hayoung deserve each other.  Neither one of them hesitates to use other people to further their own ends, even when it means totally crushing the other person.  Life is a game, especially for Ryumin.  His confrontation with Hyunwoo about his plans for Daoun is taunting and almost a seduction of its own, ending with a self-assured smirk.  Too bad for Daoun that he eerily resembles Youngmin, the guy that she’s been in love with since college.  Hope their personalities aren’t similar.

With the tangle of past love, rejection, and near fatal accidents, a lot of the emotion of the story feels like it’s been lost.  Instead, everything seemed so predictable and forced.  The strength of Seduction More Beautiful Than Love is in the art, which is crisp and defined, showcasing attractive characters and equally striking attire.  Where do these guys go shopping for those gorgeous clothes?  And their hair?   I really need the name of their salon.  While the story may be thrashing about in search of direction, the art remains solid and oh so pretty.

Grade: C-

Rated for Older Teen

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